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First Aid Cabinets

First Aid Cabinets

Practical range of First Aid Cabinets to keep your bandages and sticking plasters at hand. Suitable for all medical environments & doctors surgeries. 

Whether in a workplace, educational establishment, entertainment venue, sports club or centre, retail or other public access building, it’s vital to ensure that all the necessary first aid medical equipment and materials are safely stored in a first aid storage cabinet and can be quickly located. First aid cupboards and medical cabinets should always be clearly identified with a green cross sign and be both secure yet easily accessible.

Our range of First Aid Cabinets fulfil these requirements and more. Whether you wish a wall-mounted, floor-standing, or thoroughly mobile option, you’ll find it here. Choices range from a double door tall model to a half size single door option. First aid wall cupboards offer similar choices. If you require mobile first aid storage, our two-doored practical first aid storage trolleys will fit the bill.


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