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Petrol and Flammable Liquid Cupboards and Chests

Petrol and Flammable Liquid Cupboards and Chests

Its important when choosing Petrol and Flammable Liquid Cupboards and Chests to heed the advice from the HSE which states that when not being used, containers of flammable liquids which are still needed for ongoing work activities should be kept closed and stored using only a suitable and fire-resistant cabinet. These should also be designed to retain spills of up to 110% volume of the largest vessel which is stored inside. It also adds that flammable liquids should be separately stored from any other dangerous substances which may enhance the risk of fire, or compromise integrity in the relevant container or cabinet.

That’s why it makes such good sense to choose from this 3D range including a petrol storage cabinet, and flammable liquid cupboards. You can choose from a couple of options for both. Each features a truly robust construction and provides high security peace-of-mind thanks to three-point locking. The cabinets also include sturdy stands which can keep them 500mm off the ground.

These petrol and flammable cabinets comply with the COSHH regulations for safe storage as appropriate. They are all powder coated for a stand out red finish and are complete with all required warning or advisory decals.

For safe and secure storage of all your flammable liquids, including petrol, this collection of strong flammable cabinets and cupboards certainly fits the bill.  If you are storing other types of chemicals, it’s important to choose the correct type of storage cupboards, so why not take a look at our Acid & Alkali cabinets or general hazardous storage cabinets for a wider chemical cabinet selection.

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