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Primary/Junior School Low Lockers

Primary/Junior School Low Lockers

Low height lockers: storage solutions for schools

There is no doubting the importance of having low lockers particularly single lockers or tier lockers in schools of all levels. Safe storage of items such as bags, coats, books and more is vital to avoid rooms and corridors looking messy, and to keep items out of the way to avoid trip and fire hazards. By providing primary school lockers to infant, primary, junior and secondary school children, you will also lessen the risk of their personal items being lost.

Here at 3d Lockers, we have seen an increase in the number of schools looking to buy lockers as safe and practical storage solutions: not just for secondary schools, but also our range of low level lockers designed for primary school usage. Our primary school lockers and infant school lockers are perfect for keeping younger children's possessions out of the way: they are sturdy, durable and provide a good level of ventilation and, above all, are the perfect height for little hands. A useful investment, these low height lockers also lessen the risk of injuries caused by tripping on items strewn across the floor, and provide a personal environment in which a child can keep all of their items in one place.

Our education lockers are available in a wide range of bright door colours to appeal to children, and we sell single door, two door lockers and three door lockers to suit all shapes and sizes of space. Most standard lockers will be secured using a camlock or a hasp & staple latch lock to which a padlock is attached: options which are not always practical for young fingers. With our primary school lockers, we offer the option of keyless magnetic latch locks - the ideal solution for young children.

At 3d Lockers, we don't believe in charging the earth for the sake of it, and you will find that our range of low level lockers are very competitively priced. What's more, we offer quantity discounts on orders of 10 or more lockers, providing the perfect solution to suit every budget.

We are happy to provide no obligation quotations to anyone considering purchasing small lockers for infant, junior and primary schools alike, and guarantee that our prices will be competitive. If you are looking to improve health and safety, reduce clutter and lessen the likelihood of the loss of children's property, it's time to get in touch.

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