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You should find the answers to all your questions here but should you need more help or advise then please don't hesitate to contact us via any of the following methods. We'd be pleased to hear from you.

Please contact us on 01924 240291 or email us on sales@3dlockers.co.uk.

We have over 25 years of experience in the locker and storage industry and are only too happy to give advice or help.  So whether it be about sizes, colours, lock mechanisms, installation methods, or any other question please get in touch with us.

Yes, if you can’t find the exact product or dimensions you are looking for on our website  then please contact us at sales@3dlockers.co.uk as we are often able to manufacture items specifically to suit your requirements.

Yes we offer the following types of lock options.  You would need to contact us for pricing.

  • Standard Camlocks with 2 keys are included in the pricing on the website
  • Hasp Locks for use with own padlocks are included in the pricing on the website
  •  Coin Return Lock (£1 or Token)
  •  Coin Retain Lock (£1 or Token)
  •  Multi-User combination lock.  Front face dial with 10,000 combinations
  •  Pre-Set Combination dial lock.  Comes with 5 pre-set factory combinations.
  •  Digital Combination Lock. Powered by battery. 40,000 combinations.
  •  Magnetic Catch Lock.  Ideal where security is not an issue.
  •  RFID locks 

See our lock option section on the website.

When purchasing more than a few lockers and creating a run of lockers it is often best to purchase lockers in nests.  This means that lockers are joined together side by side in manufacturing and thus have common sides (cannot be separated at a later date)

This not only saves money, but also saves on installation time and handling.  Lockers are pre-drilled in the side ready for further nesting side by side on site.  Nesting bolts can be purchased to do this.

Depending on the size and door configuration lockers are available in Nests of 1, 2 or 3 and so can easily be mixed and matched to provide the ideal solution.  Please refer to locker description on individual products for further information on nesting.

Simply select your product size and a quantity box will automatically appear.

Yes, non standard colours are available at additional cost subject to a minimum order quantity.  Please contact us on 01924 240291 for further information.

You can use any manufacture of padlock but make sure that the shackle diameter is a minimum 6mm and maximum 7.5mm.  Also the top dimension (i.e. the height of the shackle should be between 19mm and 25mm.

The overall dimension is the measurement in mm on the website.  For example if the locker is 300mm wide this is the overall dimension.

The internal dimension is the measurment stated on the website minus 3mm.  So if the locker width is 300mm, the internal dimension is 297mm.

The internal dimensions are detailed in the 'dimensions' tab at the bottom of the product page.  

If you are unsure or require more information, please call our sales team on 01924 240291

1m = 39.37

1 foot = 30.5

1 inch = 2.54


When unpacking your delivery of lockers, please read your delivery note for instructions as to where you locker keys are located.  Locker keys are usually placed in the top left compartment of the locker.  Sometimes the locker compartment is open and the rest of the keys are in a plastic bag inside the compartment.  However sometimes the initial locker key for the top left compartment is placed underneath the base of the locker.  This locker key will give access to the top left compartment.  Please do not install lockers until all the keys are located.  For further information, please call our sales team on 01924 240291

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