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High School Lockers

High School Lockers

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What Is the Purpose of High School Lockers?

High school lockers offer a secure storage space for pupils to store personal belongings, books, bags, mobile phones etc. In addition, lockers will help to promote a tidy environment and keeping classrooms and corridors clear of any trip hazards. With increasing amounts of equipment and belongings being brought into school, a locker is the perfect addition to any high school to organise things.

What Size Locker Do I Need?

This depends on the space that you have available to install lockers. All our high school lockers are 1800mm high. A popular choice with schools is a 3-door locker or 4-door locker. This way you get plenty of space in the height of the locker compartment. You can choose from different width x depth options. 300mm wide x 300mm deep is the smallest locker compartment size we offer and would be big enough for a few small belongings such as a phone, wallet, small bag, etc. Other options are 380mm wide x 380mm deep or 450mm wide x 450mm deep. The latter two size options are a more generous size to store books, mobile phones, a coat, and bag. If you want to store a laptop inside, then you would require a locker size with 450mm in the depth.

Which High School Locker Should I Buy?

At 3D Lockers we bring the best quality lockers to suit all budgets. There are lots of options to peruse when it comes to buying secondary school lockers.

Metal High School Lockers – Steel lockers are by far the most cost-effective lockers on the market. And the most popular with schools. With a large selection of bright door colours to choose from and high-quality manufacture. A winning option for schools is Metal Lockers Four Door. Available in a range of compartment sizes, this locker is big enough for students to store books, a bag, coat, all in one place. Choose to have hasp & staple locks (to use with a padlock), 4-digit combination locks, digital locks, or also RFID locks. Quite often pupils bring laptops to school, a metal locker is the ideal place to keep a laptop safe when not in use. The compartment size should be a minimum of 380w x 450d.

Sloping Top Lockers – This style of steel locker is perfect for use in schools as a sloping top will prevent bags, shoes or litter being thrown above the locker. This feature will help keep corridors and classrooms looking neat and tidy.

Laminate Door Lockers – Lockers with a laminate door will offer greater longevity and durability than a metal locker. The door is scratch, dent and graffiti proof so they will keep their appearance. Available with a range of bright door colours with single, 2, 3 or 4 compartments.

Timber Effect Lockers – These lockers also have a laminate door but in a choice of wood finishes. This style of locker offers an upmarket, stylish look ideal for senior schools or sixth forms.

Plastic Lockers – Lastly, our range of Extreme plastic lockers are great for use outdoors under a canopy. The beauty of plastic lockers is that you can install them outside and therefore free up valuable space indoors. You can create a locker area outside for students to store their personal belongings.

Where Should High School Lockers Be Kept?

Most of our high school lockers are for indoor use. Steel lockers, laminate door lockers and sloping top lockers all need installation in a dry area. The only lockers suitable to install outdoors are our Extreme plastic lockers which are water proof and also have tough Polyethylene material.