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School Phone, Laptop & Tablet Lockers

School Phone, Laptop & Tablet Lockers

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Phone Lockers 4 Door

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What Are the Advantages of Lockers for Phones, Tablets or Laptops?

Reduce Theft – Offering a secure place to store a mobile phone or tablet will give peace of mind to students. Theft can be high in high schools and colleges where electronic devices are brought in to use every day. A locker will keep theft levels to a minimum and also reduce personal property being lost.

Simple & Secure Protection – The key benefit of mobile phone lockers is that they can be floor standing or you can easily mount onto a wall. This saves on valuable floor space to save for other things. Some of our tablet lockers are at a lower height of 1000mm which can easily fit under a windowsill or plinth. Lockers don’t have to take up tonnes of space!

Added Security – There are many options to choose from when it comes to lock options. Free of charge options are a camlock with 2 keys or hasp & staple lock to use with a padlock (sold separately). There are also 4-digit combination locks or electronic combination locks which are perfect for busy multiuser environments.

Less Distractions – Phones are one of the most valuable items pupils will carry around with them. But also, a major problem for teachers as phones will cause distraction during lesson time. Providing a storage locker in schools that operate a no phone policy means pupils can have their phone in case of emergency or to use during break times. But when lessons are in full swing, securely lock away so students can focus on learning.

Which is the Best Storage Locker for Small Devices?

Depending on what you want to store inside the locker, we have lockers specific for laptops which can hold 8, 10 or 15 laptops in one locker. Or lockers for iPads & tablets which have a slightly smaller compartment size for this type of device. You can choose to have individual doors or single doors with multiple compartments behind. We also have lockers for mobile phones which you can wall mount to save on space. These are available with 4 or 8 compartments.

In addition, you can choose to have a storage only locker which is simply to keep your devices secure. Or a charging locker for laptops, iPads, or mobile phones to also charge devices while not in use and ready to use.