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Acid & Alkali Cupboards

Acid & Alkali Cupboards

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Acid Cupboards

Our most popular Acid Cabinet 1800 x 1200 x 460 comes with three adjustable storage shelves for housing hazardous substances that are of a caustic or corrosive nature. We also have half height cabinets at 900H and wall mountable acid cupboards with pre-drilled holes in the back. If you need to transport chemicals around your workplace then a mobile acid cabinet would be a great option.

Chemical Cupboards Designed for Caustic Substances

Use our acid cupboards in environments where caustic and corrosive substances are present. Acids & alkalis are commonly used in laboratories, factories and process industries. Caustic substances can pose a risk to health and the environment if stored and used incorrectly. All acid cupboards are therefore regulated under the Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health workplace safety regulations. 

Storage Area Requirements for Acid Chemicals

Our acid cupboard range comes with the appropriate labels according to the type of chemical family or hazard classification they are. It is also recommended to keep storage areas well ventilated and at a cool temperature. Eliminate ignition sources - these can be direct sunlight or open flames. It is practical to keep emergeny fire extinguishers nearby and in good working order.  

UK Manufactured Acid and Alkali Cupboards

Our acid and alkali cabinets are manufactured to the highest standards here in the UK. We only use trusted manufacturers who build to COSHH legislative standards. Our products are competitively priced so you can ensure health & safety standards can be met in your workplace.