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Standard Metal Lockers

Standard Metal Lockers

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Key Features of our Metal Lockers include:

  • Comprehensive range of sizes, widths and depths
  • Ventilated doors or carcasses
  • Choice of body and colours
  • Choice of locking options
  • Flat or sloping tops
  • Locker accessories such as number plates, key fobs, locker stands and seats

Metal Lockers ordered in Nests Save Time and Money.

Nesting metal lockers together side by side in manufacture not only saves on cost but also on installation time too.   When creating runs of metal lockers it is always best practice to join each locker together to form a solid and uniform bank of lockers.  This not only helps to keep the lockers neatly in line but also increases the height to depth ratio of the lockers.  This makes the lockers much less likely to fall over.  You can order lockers nested together in Nest 1, Nest 2 or Nest 3 wide to suit your layout.  Nesting bolts can be provided upon request for further nesting of lockers on site.  

Wide range of locking options on our standard metal locker range from 3d Lockers.

Contact us now on 01924 240291 for pricing on our locking systems.  Our metal lockers come with camlocks with 2 keys per compartment or hasp and staple locks for use with your own padlocks as a no cost option.  However we are also able to offer other locking options to include: Coin return locks, coin keep locks, scroll combination locks, digital combination locks.