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Primary/Junior School Low Lockers

Primary/Junior School Low Lockers

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Every primary school locker that we supply is built to hold up to the wear and tear of daily use. They also provide security and reliability for students year after year. Browse our range of primary school lockers today and find the perfect solution for your school’s storage needs.

Primary School Locker Range

Our comprehensive range of primary school lockers includes colours, designs, and sizes to suit all schools and classes. Our lockers are available in bright, child-friendly colours. Including pink, green, yellow, and blue, and we stock both stacking cube lockers and low-height door lockers.

Ranging from 900m to 1800mm in height, our primary school lockers are perfect for children from Reception all the way up to Year 6. We stock some of the most popular  brands. Our 30 years of expertise in the locker industry means we’re well-placed to offer advice and guidance to help you choose the right lockers for your students.

Who are primary school lockers for?

Primary school lockers are for students in early years KS1 and KS2 age groups. They’re smaller in height than other lockers. Keyless locking allows young children to easily operate.

Primary lockers offer school children a secure and convenient storage space during the school day. Children can use these lockers to store bags, PE kits, wellies, coats, books, water bottles, and other school essentials. This keeps their possessions safe during the school day and also prevents distractions during lessons.

Many primary schools are moving towards personal lockers. This is because they help students to develop a sense of responsibility and independence from a young age. Our primary school lockers can help students learn how to organise and manage their belongings.

Where are primary school lockers located?

Unlike high school students, primary school students usually stay within their primary classroom for most lessons. They only move around the school for classes like PE and ICT. Depending upon the layout of your school, you can locate primary school lockers within classrooms themselves. Or within areas outside classrooms, such as cloakrooms or corridors.

Making sure that your students’ lockers are near their primary classrooms is paramount to maintaining convenient access to lockers. You can install lockers especially for PE in the gymnasium or sports hall changing rooms. It is also important to place them at a height that’s suitable for all of your students. You also need to consider an area that won’t be too overflowing during busy times of the day.

Why do primary schools have low-height lockers?

The majority of primary school students are significantly shorter in stature than high school students and adults. Low-height lockers and cube lockers are easier for primary school-age. Children of all ages - from Reception and up - can have access to a safe and secure space to store belongings.

Primary schools usually opt for lockers a maximum of 1380mm high. Although common locker heights for primary schools include 1200mm high lockers and 900mm. Some primary schools choose to stack cube lockers. This is because this provides plenty of storage space for children at a range of heights as well as being attractive and pleasing to the eye.

The benefits of using lockers vs pegs

Many primary schools are moving away from traditional coat pegs and opting for school lockers as an alternative. There are countless benefits to using lockers within a primary school in comparison to traditional coat pegs, such as:

Higher security: Storage lockers provide a secure and safe place for students to store their personal belongings. Such as backpacks, books, and jackets. This helps to prevent theft or loss of items, which can be a common problem with coat pegs.

Greater organisation: Lockers help to keep students' belongings tidy and reduce clutter in classrooms and corridors. This can help to create a more productive learning environment. Distractions are also kept at a minimum for students.

Better accessibility: Lockers at a height that is easily accessible for young students can help to reduce the risk of injury or accidents. Especially when compared to coat pegs that may be positioned at an awkward height or angle.

Increased independence: Providing students with a personal locker can help to promote a sense of responsibility and independence. They will learn to organise and manage their own belongings.

Reduction in trip hazards: Coat pegs can create trip hazards if bags, coats, and other items fall onto the floor. Lockers can help to eliminate this issue by providing a specific storage space for each student. Which in turn ensures that fire exits are kept clear.

Flow through corridors: You can fit lockers seamlessly into the school's layout. Resulting in a smoother flow through corridors and reducing congestion. This can help to improve safety during emergency situations, such as fire drills or evacuations.

What are the best primary school locker security options?

When you’re choosing a locking system that primary school children need to use, it’s important to select locks that combine simplicity with security. For this reason, keyless locking options are often most popular. Keys can easily be lost and young children may struggle to manage keys effectively. Two common keyless locking options for primary school lockers are hasp locks and magnetic latch locks.

A hasp lock typically consists of a metal plate that is on the locker door. And a shackle that is on the locker frame. To lock the locker, place the shackle through the metal plate, and secure a padlock onto the shackle. Magnetic latch locks use a magnet to keep the locker door in a close position. This eliminates the need for a key or padlock.  Children can easily operate this style of lock by opening and closing the handle style lock.

Features to look for in primary school lockers:

When you’re purchasing low lockers for a primary school, make sure that the lockers you choose suit the needs of all of your students. Some features to look out for include:

Ventilation: Ensure that lockers have proper ventilation to prevent the build-up of unpleasant odours or mould. Odours may arise when children store lunchboxes or wet coats in their lockers. Lockers with door perforations or vents on the top or bottom are good options.

Sloping tops: Look for lockers with sloping tops to prevent children from using the tops of lockers as additional storage space. Sloping tops also help to prevent litter and other debris from building up on top of lockers.

Stability: Make sure that you can install lockers securely and anchor properly to the wall or floor to prevent accidents.
Metal primary school lockers vs wooden primary school lockers

Traditionally, many schools have chosen wooden lockers because they’re cheap and aesthetically appealing. But metal lockers are gradually becoming the benchmark for primary school lockers across the country. This is due to their longevity and convenience. If you’re weighing up whether to opt for metal or wooden primary school lockers, consider these benefits of metal school lockers over wooden school lockers:

Durability: Metal lockers are extremely durable and can resist heavy use, making them an ideal choice for busy primary school environments.

Security: Steel storage lockers are more secure than wooden lockers as they are often made of thicker, stronger materials and you can lock more securely.

Easy to Clean: They are easy to clean and sanitize, which is particularly important in a school environment where hygiene is a top priority.

Customisation: You can customize metal lockers to fit the needs of the school, with various sizes, colours, and configurations available.

Longevity: Metal lockers usually last longer than wooden lockers, over time they can damage or warp.

Buy Primary School Lockers Today

At 3D Lockers, we supply primary schools across the UK with durable, bright, and reliable metal lockers from some of the country’s leading brands.

If you’re looking for high-quality low lockers for primary schools age children, browse our extensive range online today at 3D Lockers and purchase your primary school lockers now.

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