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First Aid Cabinets

First Aid Cabinets

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All first aid cupboards come empty thus allowing first aider's to fill their lockable and secure cupboards with their own specific first aid kit. Choose from large medical cabinets or lockable first aid cabinets which have 3 adjustable shelves. This allows ample storage space for all your medical items. Or if space is at a premium then a wall mounted fist aid cabinet could be a better option.  There are various sizes of white first aid cabinets which make them ideal for using in a workplace, hospitals, leisure complex or at home. If you are looking for first aid cabinets for schools, then mobile cabinets are also available.  This allows for easy transfer of medical supplies. The wheels have brakes making them safe and secure. Metal first aid storage cabinets have a white paint finish and green cross thus making them easy to identify.  

Defibrillator Cabinets

Defibrillator cabinets help with immediate on site treatment with sudden cardiac arrest which  is one of the major medical emergencies.  It can happen at anytime.  That's why preparation is key.  By providing first aid defibrillator cabinets with special design for the storage of this life saving equipment organisations can help save lives.  Public places such as shopping malls, airports and workplaces now provide access to such equipment in first aid cupboards.  Early treatment until help arrives can help with the chance of survival.   It is important to consider the chances of vandalism against easy access to the defibrillator unit.  Hence we offer first aid storage cupboards with or without locks.  Vision panels are also available on the first aid cupboards. This allows the contents to be easily seen.  The defibrillator units are wall mountable and includes space to store other first aid items too. All our first aid storage cupboards have signs to clearly identify the contents within the medical cupboards.