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What are the advantages of school lockers?

Anything that helps promote better efficiency and smooth running in everyday school life is a bonus! That’s why school lockers are so popular. School lockers have an array of useful assets that benefit, pupils and teaching staff alike.

Firstly, if you provide a school locker, you are giving each pupil their own little sanctuary. They can make this space their own and have peace of mind that their personal items can be kept safe and secure during the school day. Providing a school locker also promotes independence and responsibility to look after their own compartment and belongings.

In addition, a school locker not only reduces clutter in the classroom, but it will also help to reduce the number of heavy items pupils need to carry in their bags. Quite often, pupils need a place to keep textbooks, PE kits, stationery and electronic devices. All these items can be tidily stored in a locker thus reducing the amount of weight they have to carry in a rucksack which could cause back strain.

Having a place to store coats and bags away tidily reduces to risk of trip hazards. It is less likely that somebody will fall over a stray bag and cause injury. In addition, coat pegs can be discarded in place of school lockers to reduce fire hazards in corridors.

Lastly, installing lockers for your school will also reduce the amount of lost property. Each pupil will have their own space to keep their belongings so things are less likely to go missing!

What is the Most Popular School Locker?

It is very difficult to narrow it down just to one! We have a wide range of high-quality education lockers available to buy on our website.

For primary school pupils, a popular choice with schools is the ‘Supreme Covid Safe Low Height Locker 2 Door 1200H’ or Supreme Covid Safe Low Height Locker 3 Door’. Both lockers have a lower height to accommodate smaller pupils in primary or junior schools. The smaller height can also be used underneath a windowsill or used with a worktop above to create additional workspace. Not forgetting a whole heap of features such as Bioshell anti-bacterial paint, Covid protection, fire tested & certified, quality UK locking options.

For secondary school pupils, schools opt for either a 3-door locker or 4 door full height locker that is 1800mm high. The extra height means taller school children can reach the top compartment. Therefore, you can fit more compartments into your space with the extra height. Also, there is a bigger compartment space as the height of each compartment is bigger.

Where Can I Install a School Locker?

Install school lockers in most spaces in your school such as classrooms, corridors and cloakrooms. However, there are a few things you need to consider before installing lockers. Lockers come in a range of sizes, ie. Widths x depths. You need to measure the area to see what size locker you can fit. Also, you will need to check the width x depth of the space. You can then determine how many lockers you will need. For larger projects and depending on the install site, we can offer a site visit to measure up and provide an accurate layout and quotation for you.

Next, you need to think about any obstructions there may be. Such as gas pipes or skirting boards. Locker stands are a great way of getting around this by raising lockers above the ground by 150mm. Or you may want to install lockers in place of coat pegs and hooks which will need removing first.

Another key thing to remember is making sure that the lockers are not blocking any important electrical outlets that you still need access to.

You can install school lockers pretty much anywhere but if you are unsure and need a little help, our friendly sales team have decades of experience and have dealt with hundreds of schools. So, rest assured you are in the right hands to ensure your school locker project runs smoothly.

What Types of School Locker Are There?

There are endless options when it comes to school lockers. There is a lot to consider including height, size, colour, locking options and what you are wanting to store inside. Luckily, 3D Lockers have got everything covered to cater to a range of needs.

Primary School Lockers

We have an extensive selection of primary school lockers. Designed with a lower height to accommodate younger pupils. There are different height options to choose from such as 900H, 1200H, 1350H or 1370H. When buying primary school lockers, it is important to consider the locking option; a hasp & staple lock is most popular as this option eliminates the use of keys. This type of lock can be used as a handle to hold the door closed.

Secondary School Lockers

Lockers for secondary schools are generally 1800mm in height, the most popular being three door or four doors in height. Secondary school pupils tend to have more equipment and kit to carry around during the school day, so a slightly bigger storage space is beneficial. All our metal lockers for schools come with a range of locking options including camlocks with 2 keys, 4-digit combination locks and electronic digital combination locks.

Laminate Door School Lockers

If you are searching for lockers that are longer lasting and more durable for a busy school environment, why not consider a laminate door locker. Built with a steel frame and a 10mm solid grade laminate door. Check out our Shockbox laminate locker range which come in various colour options. Laminate lockers offer increased longevity and an elevated appearance.

School Cube Lockers

Cube lockers are a great option if you are short on space. These mini lockers come in three sizes: 300w x 300d, 380w x 380d or 450w x 450d. Buy individual cube lockers and then stack one on top of the other or side by side to create a bank of lockers. Nesting bolts are provided to join the lockers together.

School Laptop Lockers

Laptop lockers for schools are a great investment to make if you have many electronic devices in school. Quite often, pupils bring laptops into school to use. By providing a secure laptop locker, pupils have peace of mind their electronic device is stored away in a safe place when not in use. A laptop locker can be 8, 10, 12 or 15 compartments. Each compartment is the perfect size to store a laptop which is of standard size. You can choose to have a storage only laptop locker OR charging locker which comes with a USB/3 pin plug and kettle lead to plug into your mains socket.

School Mobile Phone Lockers

Most school pupils own a mobile phone these days to connect, keep in touch, use social media. However, they are a major distraction if notifications are flying around during lesson time! Buy mobile phone lockers for your school to encourage pupils to lock them away during lesson time. They can easily retrieve them during breaks. A mobile phone locker

School Locking Options

Primary schools always choose to have hasp & staple locks. This handle style lock holds the door in place. This a keyless lock option. For secondary schools, you can have a camlock with 2 keys or a 4 digit scroll combination lock. Both options have a master key override.

Alternatively, we have a selection of padlocks for sale. Use our padlocks with our hasp & staple locks to provide extra security.

Where Can I Purchase School Lockers?

Buy school lockers direct through our website. Take advantage of our great deals and low prices. You can buy online or you can email us sales@3dlockers.co.uk. We accept purchase orders from schools and can offer discounts on larger projects.