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Lockers with Combination Locks

Lockers with Combination Locks

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Why Choose a Combination Lock?

A locker with a combination lock is a great alternative to standard camlocks with keys. Offering higher levels of security and removing the risk of a user losing their locker key. Instead of using a key to lock and unlock the locker, you use a code. This is a more convenient and hassle-free way of keeping items in a locker secure.

Combination lock lockers are a popular option for busy environments. Such as schools, academies, offices, call centres, NHS, retail and gyms.

There are two types of combination locks:

  • Mechanical 4 digit scroll combination locks
  • Electronic digital combination locks


How Do Mechanical 4 Digit Combination Locks Work?

This style of combination lock has two settings:

Private Mode – This is when the same code is used each time the locker is locked. For example, an office worker or pupil at a school using the same locker allocated to them every day. When a new user starts, the code can be change to something else.

Public Mode – This is for multiple users; a new code is saved each time the locker is used. Ideal for call centres, gyms, leisure clubs or offices where different people use the locker each day.

Our 4 digit scroll combination locks are simple to use. The come with up to 10,000 unique combinations.

How Do Electronic Digital Combination Locks Work?

Our digital combination locks work in a very similar way to the mechanical ones. There are two settings available. Private or public, and we would ask you which setting you would like. This isso that the factory can set these before despatch.

The digital lock has a 10-digit keypad. The batteries last up to 50,000 operations.

What happens if I forget a code?

For the 4 digit lock, we recommend purchasing a number finding key. This key allows you to scroll the numbers backwards to reveal the previous code set.

For the digital lock, we send you a master re-set code. You use this code in case a user forgets their code. You can also purchase a master key which enables you to change over the batteries.

Which Is the Best Locker with Combination Locks?

We have a range of metal lockers from single to six compartments. All available in a range of size options. The locker you decide on depends on the setting you intend to use. And also, what you are storing inside. For a gym we would recommend Pure Supreme 3 Door Locker with Digital Combination Lock. This option gives a decent amount of space to store a sports bag, shoes and valuables. The digital lock offers a higher level of security and easy to use for multiple users.