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3d Lockers offer an expansive range of lockers as well as other associated storage products with mainly free delivery to most of the UK mainland.  Our lockers come in different materials, colours and styles.  They provide secure and practical spaces for people to store their belongings, bags, clothing and personal possessions.  As well as lockers we supply metal storage cabinets and hazardous cupboards.  We also provide cycle shelters for the safe storage of bikes and scooters.  You can buy lockers online from 3d Lockers confidant in the fact that we know lots about lockers.  Afterall we’ve been selling lockers for over 33 years.  Even if you simply want advice on which locker to choose for your needs, then we are happy to chat about our locker solutions with you.

Lockers offer convenient, versatile and affordable storage and they’re suitable for use in almost any commercial, industrial or public setting.  At 3d Lockers we specialise in lockers for visitors & guests, staff and students, employees and members of the public.  You can find our lockers in educational institutions such as schools and colleges or fitness centres and gyms.  Lockers are also found in workplaces and offices, airports, hospitals, police stations and retail stores.  The sectors are endless, you can find our lockers anywhere where there is a requirement to store items or belongings.


What To Consider When Buying Lockers?


We offer lockers made in various materials to suit different environments.

Metal lockers are by far our bestselling locker.  The locker body is steel and so is the door.  Metal lockers come in many colour options and some even have different frame colours other than grey.  Compartment sizes range from single door to 16 door locker compartments.  These metal lockers offer excellent value when budgets are tight. They offer excellent protection to store belongings with additional security features such as inter frame locking and door strengtheners to prevent leverage and break-ins.

Another option is a laminate door locker. These have a steel frame and a solid grade laminate door. This type of locker is a little more expensive but offers an increase in durability, longevity and the door will not dent or scratch. Therefore, it will keep its appearance for longer. Laminate lockers will suit busy environments with high user areas such as schools, gyms or leisure clubs, offices. Compartment sizes range from single to six locker compartments in a range of sizes and door colours including timber effect.

Plastic lockers are a great option if you are looking for storage in your spa, swimming pool or leisure club area. This style of locker is incredibly durable as well as humidity and splash proof. Metal lockers will rust over time in wet or humid environments so plastic would be our material recommendation.

Locker Environment

Next, consider the environment where you are intending to place your lockers.  Are the lockers in a dry or wet environment?  Will the lockers be inside or outside?  For instance, if lockers are in in a dry environment such as a changing room, corridor, office or classroom, then our metal lockers will fit the bill.

However, if you are positioning your locker in a wet atmosphere or in an outside location then other locker types are more suitable.  For places such as swimming pools, shower rooms, or carparks, then plastic, galvanised steel or aluminium “Zenbox” lockers are available.

Plastic lockers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses as they are corrosion resistant. These storage lockers are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and are lightweight and extremely durable.  Their waterproof quality makes them ideal for outdoor areas open to the elements and can also tolerate frequent use in high pressure washdown areas.

Galvanised steel lockers offer another suitable alternative when providing lockers in a wet area.  But if you are looking for a really robust  locker solution then the Zenbox locker is the one to go for.  This locker has an aluminium steel body which does not rust.  It is even resilient to the extreme demands of chlorine in the environment. The locker door is of a solid grade laminate construction which is 12mm thick. The resin base composition of the door means that it cannot bend, twist of swell.  Furthermore, it is scratchproof and truly provides a robust chlorine resistant solution.  Moreover, there is even a choice of chlorine resistant locks.

What Size of Locker Do I Need?

This all depends on:

  • The space you have available.
  • How many locking compartments do you require?
  • What you want to store inside

The smallest compartment size we offer is 300W x 300D. The height of the locker will vary from single to 16 compartments. (Full height lockers are 1800mm). Bigger compartment sizes available are 450W x 450D. For example, you will fit a small bag and mobile phone in a 300w x 300d locker. However, a larger gym or kit bag may be better suited to a 450w x 450d locker. It is a good idea to measure the contents you are intending to store to get an idea of what size you require. You will also have to measure the height, width and depth of the space you want to place your lockers.

Next, decide how many compartments you want per unit ie. A single door, two door, three door locker etc. Multi compartment lockers will offer less space the more compartments you have in the height of the locker.

How Long Do Lockers Take For Delivery?

The delivery timescale is an important factor to consider when buying lockers. Do you need lockers fast? Or are you in no rush and happy to wait. Quite often we get requests for quick delivery lockers. We have a few options when the number one priority is speed. We have a range of metal lockers available from stock. Our Super Express delivery lockers can be delivered within 48 hours. You need to place your order before 11am. This locker range comes with blue doors/silver frame only. A great option is Super Express Delivery Single Door Locker – 48 Hours for any last-minute requirements. Our ‘Champion Metal Lockers’ can be delivered in 5 working days. All other lockers are generally made to order and take around 3-4 weeks for delivery.

What Locking Options Are Available?

All our lockers come with a choice of two types of lock option which are no extra cost: Camlocks with 2 Keys or Hasp & Staple Locks which you can secure with a padlock (not included). A master key override is available for camlocks in case any keys are lost.

Other options available are coin return locks. This style of lock is very popular in leisure facilities and gyms. You would need a £1 coin or token to lock the compartment and release the keys. The coin then drops back out into a tray when the keys are back in the lock. Coin retain locks are also available.

4 Digit combination locks are a great option for offices and call centres. You can use a new code each time a new user comes along. There is a number finding key which you can buy to go with this type of lock. This allows you to find the previous code set if a code is forgotten.

Electronic digital combination locks have a 10 digit keypad and a secure key override. This lock option along with RFID contactless digital locks offer the most sophistication. Both of these locking solutions have a bigger price tag but offer additional security features that a basic camlock doesn’t offer.

Which locker accessories should I consider?

At 3D Lockers we have a range of locker accessories to buy to compliment your lockers.

For large quantities of lockers, add number plates and key fobs. Pupils or members of staff can identify their own locker with a number. You can choose any number sequence and number fobs come with a split ring to loop onto a set of keys.

Locker stands raise lockers off the ground by 150mm. They can suit 1, 2 or up to 3 lockers wide. A great option if you are intending to clean underneath so you don’t damage the locker base with cleaning solution.

Sloping tops are a great add on for busy environments. They deter litter accumulation above the locker or people using the top to keep bags and coats. A sloping top will contribute to a cleaner, tidier environment in your school, workplace, or changing room.

Where are lockers used?

Lockers are commonly in use anywhere where guests or visitors may require a secure place to store personal belongings. This includes schools or colleges, fitness centres and gyms, offices, airports, train stations, staff rooms, hospitals, police stations, factories and more.

Education Lockers – Pupils in primary or junior schools, colleges or universities use lockers to keep their personal belongings, bags, coats safe while in lessons. In addition, schools also use laptop, tablet and mobile phone lockers to keep costly electronic devices safe.

Gym Lockers – Leisure clubs, gyms, sports changing rooms all use lockers to store kit bags, workout gear and personal items while working out or playing sports.

Office & Workplace Lockers – Employees store laptops, tablets, mobile phones while not in use, charging lockers are a great option so devices can be on charge and ready to go. A locker compartment can also be great to keep bags and valuables secure to help promote a tidy desk policy.

Healthcare Lockers – Dental surgeries, hospitals, clinics, doctors surgeries all use lockers. In particular, white lockers as they go with the aesthetics and give a clinical feel. Most of our lockers come with anti-bacterial protection in the paint to help prevent the spread of MRSA, Salmonella & E.Coli. Therefore our lockers are a practical solution for medical settings where hygiene is highly important.

Police Lockers – The police use specialist lockers to store heavy kit bags, uniforms, CS cannisters and security radios. Police lockers tend to be much bigger in size around 600W x 600D to accommodate bulkier items.

Factory Lockers – Store wet clothing, a change of uniform, boots, safety hats and more. Great options for factories would be metal lockers, wire mesh lockers or uniform lockers. We also offer garment dispenser and collector lockers which are a great solution for distributing clean clothing for staff.

How Much Do Lockers Cost?

The most cost affective locker is a metal one. If you are on a budget, then this would be the best option. We have lots of options for metal lockers to buy on our website, the price depends on size and height. For larger locker projects we can quote and offer discounts depending on the quantity.

All our other style of lockers such as laminate, plastic, aluminium body are more expensive but offer a range of other additional benefits.

You can price lockers up on our website or if you need a little assistance, send us an email sales@3dlockers.co.uk we will be happy to offer you a quote.

Lockers By Sector

Lockers FAQs

When purchasing more than a few lockers and creating a run of lockers it is often best to purchase lockers in nests.  This means that lockers are joined together side by side in manufacturing and thus have common sides (cannot be separated at a later date)

This not only saves money, but also saves on installation time and handling.  Lockers are pre-drilled in the side ready for further nesting side by side on site.

Depending on the size and door configuration lockers are available in Nests of 1, 2 or 3 and so can easily be mixed and matched to provide the ideal solution.  Please refer to locker description on individual products for further information on nesting.

Yes we offer the following types of lock options.  You would need to contact us for pricing.

  •  Coin Return Lock (£1 or Token)
  •  Coin Retain Lock (£1 or Token)
  •  Multi-User combination lock.  Front face dial with 10,000 combinations
  •  Pre-Set Combination dial lock.  Comes with 5 pre-set factory combinations.
  •  Digital Combination Lock. Powered by battery. 40,000 combinations.
  •  Magnetic Catch Lock.  Ideal where security is not an issue.

See our lock option section on the website.

Yes, if you can’t find the exact product or dimensions you are looking for on our website  then please contact us as we are often able to manufacture items specifically to suit your requirements.

Yes, non standard colours are available at additional cost subject to a minimum order quantity.  Please contact us on 01924 240291 for further information.

The overall dimension is the measurement in mm on the website.  For example if the locker is 300mm wide this is the overall dimension.

The internal dimension is the measurment stated on the website minus 3mm.  So if the locker width is 300mm, the internal dimension is 297mm.

The internal dimensions are detailed in the 'dimensions' tab at the bottom of the product page.  

If you are unsure or require more information, please call our sales team on 01924 240291

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