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Hazardous Substance/COSHH Cabinets

Hazardous Substance/COSHH Cabinets

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We have a large selection of hazardous safety cupboards, flammable cabinets and chests. All of which are fully secure and lockable.

Available in high visibility yellow or grey which makes security cabinets easy to identify. Yellow also represents the warning of danger.  We provide visual warning hazardous safety labels in line with COSHH and DSEAR Regulations 2002. Signs are vital to alert that highly corrosive chemicals or harmful materials are inside. The segregation of hazardous chemicals is achievable via additional shelves.  You can also raise free standing safety cabinets off the floor with stands.   This allows users to increase visibility of the contents and thus helps to reduce spillages.  We can also offer wall mounted cabinets, chests and mobile cabinets. These come with push and pull handles for transporting chemicals around workplaces safely.

When and where do you use COSHH Cabinets?

Use safety cabinets in hospitals, laboratories, school science rooms, factories, warehouses and workplaces.  In fact any place where harmful chemicals need to be stored securely. Or there is a potential risk to health and safety from dangerous materials.  Providing an easy to identify storage cabinet alerts staff and members of the public to the potential danger from the harmful substances stored within.

The most important reasons for proper chemical storage: To provide the effective management of risky chemicals through proper segregation and storage via chemical storage cabinets.  To lessen the risk of fire and minimise exposure to corrosive and toxic chemicals.

What to store inside hazardous storage cupboards?

You can store toxics and chemicals such as varnish, paint or glue in our free standing hazardous cabinets. Dangerous cabinets safely catch any leakages which may be harmful via an integral leak proof sump. In addition, height adjustable shelves with lips also prevent any spillages. Safely lock away and segregate acids, alkalis and pesticides in our laboratory cabinets. It is important to segregate and store the correct type of chemicals together. Using coloured cabinets allows users to identify what type of dangerous substance is stored within.  Certain combustible chemicals such as petrol should be kept in storage cabinets with additional ventilation.  This allows the release of potentially dangerous vapours or gases.

You can buy hazardous storage cabinets and cupboards online or over the phone from 3d Lockers.  We hold our best selling cabinets in stock for immediate dispatch.  So to receive your secure cabinet within 3 to 5 working days, give us a call on 01924 240291. Orders over £150 qualify for free delivery (postcode restrictions may apply).  If you are not sure which is the best type of hazardous cabinet for your requirements, our team can advise which type of cabinet would be suitable.