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Sloping Top Lockers

Sloping Top Lockers

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Promote A Clean Environment with Sloping Tops

By investing in lockers with sloping tops, your corridor, office or changing room will be much tidier without the temptation of being able to throw litter or spare bags on top. Potential hazards are also minimised so items above the locker cannot fall or drop when co-workers or visitors are walking past. Sloping tops also have an anti-bacterial coating making them very successful in areas where hygiene is of high importance ie. healthcare, hospitals or food & drink manufacturing.

What are Sloping Top Lockers?

A sloping top locker is a locker with the same high quality, durable construction as standard metal lockers. But with the addition of a metal sloping top. The metal slope sits on top of the locker.  The slope starts at the front of the locker and gradually rises to the rear of the locker, This reaches a gradient of approximately 150mm.  Unlike a flat top locker, sloping top lockers cannot be a storage area.

Which lockers are available with sloping tops?

Steel sloping tops come factory fitted on this locker selection. They are 150mm in height adding to the total overall height of the locker. The height of a standard metal locker is 1800mm so the overall height of the sloping top locker is 1950mm.  You will need to consider the height when looking at the space you are intending to install lockers. The sloping top lockers are available in 1 Door sloping top locker, 2 door, 4 door, 5 door and 6 door configurations.  If you have existing lockers and want to add a sloping top at a later date, then retro fit sloping tops are available on some ranges on request. 

However it is not only full height lockers which are available with sloping tops.  Smaller height lockers such as 1220mm high Primary school lockers or 1350mm high can also have sloping tops.  In food environments specialist clean and dirty compartment lockers or garment dispenser lockers are also available as sloping top lockers. 

Where Are Sloping Top Lockers Used?

Sloping top lockers can be used in various environments:

Education - Ideal for keeping a tidy environment, sloping tops will deter pupils throwing bags, shoes or litter above the locker. 

Offices - Sloping tops help to keep aesthetics on point and promote a clean, tidy environment.

Medical - All our lockers with sloping tops have an anti-bacterial powder paint finish. This unique formula helps prevent harmful bacteria and germs spreading. An excellent choice for healthcare, hospital or clinical environments.

Gyms & Leisure Clubs - Sloping tops are very popular in gym changing rooms. Clients can only store their bags and personal items inside the locker rather than using the locker top as a storage space. Try the Champion Sloping Top 3 Door Locker for your gym.

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