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In Charge Lockers - Installation Guide

The locker must be within 1metre of a power socket. Care must be taken not to damage the cables during the movement of the locker. For additional security it is recommended the unit is fixed in place. When fixing care must be taken not to damage the cables.

Step 2

Lay locker on it’s side in a clear area, prevent potential damage by resting the locker on a suitable surface if required.

Step 3

Insert the cable through the hole in the back of the locker. Fit grommet and join the cables.

Step 4

Lift locker taking care not to damage cable

Step 5

Locate the locker and push any loose cable into the locker base.

Step 6

Check RCD operation
Insert the RCD adaptor into a 13 amp mains socket and Switch on. Press the RESET button. The ORANGE indicator should appear. Press the TEST button. The ORANGE indicator will disappear from the clear window
Do not use if the orange indicator remains. Stop immediately.
Press the RESET button. The RCD has now been set for safe use provided the ORANGE indicator shows in the clear window.