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The Right Outdoor Bike Storage Solution For Your Business

Our outdoor bike storage range offers may options here at 3D Lockers. You will find everything from a simple cycle rack through to large bicycle shelters. Designed to withstand the worst elements can throw. But which is best? And how do you know what you should be investing in for your business?

There is an ever-increasing focus on carbon dioxide emissions. There are small changes that we can make as companies and individuals to help reduce our impact on the environment. Cars are a key contributor to the release of greenhouse gases. Driving to and from work while being a sole passenger is an inefficient way to travel. As such, more companies are encouraging their workforce to cycle to work. This alternative releases no carbon emissions and really does make a difference to the planet. Employees therefore will require secure bike storage to store their bikes.

Would Your Employees Use Outside Bike Storage?


The first and easiest way to determine the bike storage solution you need is to ask your employees.


Start by learning how many people actually use their bicycle to come to work. This will give you a base figure for how many bikes your storage solution will need to safely and conveniently store staff bikes.


Then ask about employees who would be tempted to use their bicycles to ride to work if you were to provide the proper storage facilities. Or maybe introduce an incentive for cycling to work to encourage staff. Cycling to work may contribute to increased productivity as they have released endorphins through exercise.

Outdoor Bike Storage Ideas

Where you are going to install a bike rack or cycle shelter will have a large impact on the style that you choose.


  • Have you only got room for a cycle rack with space for three bikes, for example?
  • Or can you fit a large cycle shelter capable of handling double that? 
  • Your budget helps you to narrow down the list of options available to you. It makes little sense to invest too heavily unless you know it's really going to be used. 
  • Secure cycle shelters should be conveniently located. Consider positioning it at ground level close to the entrance of your business. Such a location gives cyclers confidence that their bikes are safe.
  • It needs to be accessible, visible and convenient. 


Still unsure about the best outdoor bike storage or lockable cycle shelter to get?


Invest in a small cycle rack to do a trial. They are easy to place, install and should cause no disruption to your business. This will allow you to see who is actually using the bike rack. And also if it is worth investing in an outdoor bike storage solution.

If there is still more demand, you can always easily upgrade to one of our larger options. We have plenty of secure cycle shelters, cycle shelters for schools and cheap cycle shelters to choose from.

What If I Only Want To Store A Small Number of Bikes?

Single bicycle racks are perfect for when you have a low requirement for outdoor cycle storage.


Or when space is an issue for you. They can either be free-standing or wall-mounted. They make the perfect option if you are trialling a cycle rack to see what the rate of use is amongst employees.



Make sure that your outdoor bike rack has reliable lighting for personal security. Also to allow workers to park and access their bikes after dark. 

Secure Bike Storage for Multiple Bikes

Multiple bike racks are designed to store a larger amount of bicycles.  A multiple bike storage rack can hold anywhere from 3 to 30 bikes, or even more, depending on your specific requirements. The configuration of the bike rack can vary depending on your needs and your taste.

  • Simple loops such as the Sheffield Cycle Loops Adult 800H  or cycle racks offer secure parking for 4 bikes and upwards.
  • These can be floor mounted or grouted and come with a galvanised finish making them perfect for use outdoors and withstanding the weather elements. 
  • Traditional Bike Racks come in two sizes: 1750W to hold 6 bikes or 2350W to hold 8 bikes. This rack has a twin level and the bars of the rack grip the wheels of the bikes for a simple storage solution.
  • This style of rack can be used on its own or part of a traditional cycle shelter. 

Do I Need A Cycle Shelter?

Cycle shelters are perfect for when you want some more weather proof bike storage. They can range from one-sided protection from rain. To fully encapsulated secure cycle shelters capable of withstanding storms.


Covered bike racks are more complex and larger structures. They generally require more investment and a large free space to locate. The weather-proofing, however, makes them the preferred choice of bicycle owning employees.


Our Kenilworth Cycle Shelters have an attractive curved design with floor to roof protection from prevailing weather elements. It has a 5mm PETF perspex roof and sides and you can link multiple shelters together to create a run. Available in four sizes, it has been designed for use with our Sheffield cycle loops or cheap cycle racks. You can choose from a galvanised finish or with powder coating in a colour of your choice.


The Premier Cycle Shelter - Perforated Steel comes with perforated steel side and back panels. You can order an initial unit which has two sides or there is an extension shelter with 1 side to create a run. You can store up to 8 bikes in this bike shelter which comes complete with an integrated twin level bike rack . We also offer a perspex version - Premier Cycle Shelter - Perspex which has clear perspex sides and back to protect from the weather elements and also offer a smart apperance.


To choose the right outdoor bike storage solution, you need to look at your budget. You also need to consider available space and the amount of use you expect the bike rack or secure cycle shelter to get. For more information, visit our website or call our sales team on 01924 240291.