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Plastic Lockers

Plastic Lockers

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What Are Plastic Lockers?

Plastic lockers are storage lockers have a hard-wearing, extremely robust polyethylene construction. You can store personal items, shoes, wet clothing in a range of indoor and outdoor environments.

Extreme plastic lockers are durable enough to withstand vigorous use in tough environments. Key features of our plastic lockers are waterproof, scratch proof, rust proof, vandal resistant, quiet closing, dent proof and chlorine resistant.

Where Can I Install Plastic Lockers?

Plastic Outdoor Lockers

You can install plastic lockers pretty much anywhere; indoors, outside or outdoors under a canopy. Our customers enjoy terrific space savings by being able to position their lockers outside their buildings in car parks or school playgrounds. Polyethylene lockers are water resistant and positioning under canopies gives some shelter from the elements.

The Extreme range of waterproof lockers have a special seal to make the door compartments totally waterproof.  This unique seal allows locker use in any outdoor area whether under a canopy or not.  Plastic lockers have drill holes in the sides and backs to allow for easy fixing to each other and for securely fixing to walls. The installation of sloping tops aids in the dispersal of rainwater from the tops of the lockers.  Also, the slopes act as a litter deterrent.  Finally, pressure washing the lockers is an easy task as drainage holes are in the base of each locker. 

Plastic Indoor Lockers

Alternatively, our range of Extreme Plastic Lockers are the perfect solution for indoor locations. Built with longevity in mind, these robust plastic mould lockers give years of solid and reliable service.  The plastic hinges have testing to seven times FIRA industry standards and have no sharp edges making them ideal for school children to use.  The plastic locker bodies are highly resilient to paint and graffiti and are low maintenance.  They also have quiet closing doors.  You can choose from 3 different compartment heights: 450 mm high, 600 mm high or 900 mm high. Each are stackable up to 1800 mm high.  A grey body frame is available with a choice of door colours:  red, blue, green or also yellow.  Our Extreme range of plastic lockers are also available with chlorine resistant locks, making them ideal for use in pools and leisure centres. 

Where Are Plastic Lockers Commonly Used?

School Playgrounds – We sell large quantities of our plastic lockers to schools. Sometimes space can be tight inside school classrooms. A great way to offer a storage locker for pupils without taking up space indoors is to install plastic lockers outside. Our recommendation is installing under a canopy for maximum protection. Pupils can store books, bags, PE kits, lunchboxes, and coats inside their outdoor locker. Furthermore, school plastic lockers are graffiti and dent proof. Meaning they will keep their appearance for longer than a metal locker which may show signs of wear more quickly. Our three-door plastic locker is a popular option for schools.

Swimming Pools – Plastic lockers are a great solution for swimming pool changing rooms or leisure clubs. Quite often the environment for a swimming pool is wet and humid. Our extreme plastic lockers for swimming pools have a long lasting design and will not rust. Conventional steel lockers would not be a suitable option for wet areas as they will be prone to corrosion over time. A two-door plastic locker will offer enough space for a swimming bag, change of clothes, coat and shoes.

Factories – Our plastic lockers are food grade, making them a perfect option for use in food factory areas where the floors need a wash down regularly. In addition, these lockers incorporate Biotech anti-bacterial formula in the material. This unique formula helps to prevent harmful bacteria spreading. Therefore, a great option for food preparation or healthcare environments where hygiene is highly important.

Watersports Centres – Use plastic lockers outside for customers using water sports facilities. Store wetsuits, wet clothing, shoes and bags in an outdoor plastic locker. Position outdoor lockers so they are easily accessible near to the water.

Are Plastic Lockers Easy to Maintain?

Yes, to clean our plastic lockers you can simply wipe down with a damp cloth or hose down. They will not rust over time if they come into contact with water regularly, unlike metal lockers.

Are Plastic Outdoor Lockers Expensive?

Plastic lockers are a great investment if you are looking for a practical storage locker. With a range of outstanding features such as water resistant, anti-bacterial material, rust & corrosion resistant, vandal and dent proof, food grade, tough polyethylene material. It is worth investing in something that is going to stand up to your environment and be long lasting. To clarify, if you need a locker that is specially made for wet areas and will encounter tough, daily use, then a plastic locker is the best solution. Extreme lockers may have a slightly bigger price tag than metal lockers, but in the long run, they will perform much better in harsher conditions.

What Lock Options Are Available for Plastic Lockers?

We have a quality selection of options when it comes to locks to suit most security needs. Our basic options are camlocks with 2 keys and a master key override is available to purchase. Or hasp & staple locks to use with a padlock (available to buy separately). Subsequently, waterproof locks are also available at no extra cost.

Or you can upgrade to a £1 coin return lock. This comes with a slot to insert a £1 coin or token to lock the locker and release the keys. On return to the locker, insert the keys in order to return the coin or token. This option works well in swimming pools, leisure centres or gyms.

In addition, another option is a 4 digit scroll combination lock. This style of lock is great of multiuser applications, save a new code can each time the locker is in use. A number finding key is available to reset the lock in case a client forgets a code.

Do Plastic Lockers come with a Warranty?

Our Extreme plastic lockers come with a 10 year warranty, excluding fair wear and tear.

How Do I Order Plastic Lockers?

You can order your plastic lockers today direct on our website. Or alternatively you can also email us, we can then email you a pro forma invoice to pay by BACS if this is preferable. You can expect delivery within approximately 3-4 working weeks from order. This can vary during busy periods, so it is always best to check. Of course, if you have any questions about these or any of our products, please call us now at 3D Lockers on 01924 240291.