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Quick Delivery Lockers

Quick Delivery Lockers

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What Is The Best Quick Delivery Locker?


Expressbox by Probe Lockers

This high-quality range of lockers made in one of the UK’s leading factories are available for express delivery. Choose 1-6 door options with blue doors and a silver frame and delivery will be in 5 working days. All other colours in this range take 10-14 days. There is a maximum order quantity of 50 lockers. For requirements of 50 lockers or more, the lead time will be extended.

Rapid Delivery Lockers

These lockers are also available from stock and the lead time is 5 working days from order. (Subject to stock availability). This range comes in 1, 2, 4 or 6 doors with blue or light grey doors only. Camlocks with 2 Keys come with the locker and there is a Master Key override which you can add to your order to unlock all locker doors if a key is lost. These premium quality lockers are UK manufacture and come with Germ Guard anti-bacterial paint finish.

Probe Fast Delivery Lockers

This range of lockers are of equal quality and manufacture, available for delivery in 5-7 working days. (Subject to stock availability). There is a limit to 15 lockers per order, bigger quantities will extend the lead time. Blue doors only with a light grey frame. Available in 1, 2 3, 4, 5 or 6 doors in various sizes. A popular choice is the Probe Fast Delivery Four Door version.

Quick Delivery Personal Effects Lockers

This range of small item lockers are available from stock. A great solution for storing mobile phones, keys, wallets in a small lockable compartment. Choose from 20, 28 or 40 compartment lockers. Door colours are limited to blue or light grey with camlocks & 2 keys. Delivery is 5 working days from order.


Where Can I Use Quick Delivery Lockers?

Lockers with quick delivery are a great option for businesses, schools or the workplace to order with a short lead time. You can use our express delivery lockers in a variety of environments such as:

Schools, Colleges, Universities – Quick delivery lockers are widely used in schools. With a range of sizes and door colours to choose from, there is a locker to suit any education setting. Sometimes ordering lockers can be overlooked during busy term times. If you have forgotten to order yours in time for the new school term, rest assured we have a selection of popular metal lockers available for delivery quickly.

Offices – Sometimes lockers are needed last minute for new staff members. Ordering a locker with quick delivery means you don’t have to wait the normal manufacturing lead times. You can have new metal office lockers as soon as 5 working days.

Events & Hospitality – Lockers are often required for conferences, exhibitions, festivals or events to provide secure storage for people’s possessions. Having a safe, lockable place to keep bags, phones or valuables gives peace of mind in public places. A great option would be one of our quick delivery personal effects lockers. Quick Delivery 40 Door Personal Effects Locker can be delivered in 5 working days.

NHS & Healthcare – Quick delivery lockers for healthcare are essential when lockers are required quickly for new employees.  Most of our lockers from stock come in either blue or light grey. All have anti-bacterial protection in the paint to help prevent the spread of harmful germs. This makes our express lockers ideal for any healthcare or hygiene conscious setting. Providing a locker for medical staff quickly means they have a secure and organised place to keep spare clothing, personal items, bags etc. safe during the day. Staff rooms and changing areas can also be kept neat and tidy in these busy working environments.