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3D Lockers are proud to be an official Probe locker distributor.  Since 1960 Probe lockers has been supplying the trade with the finest quality, British-made cupboards and workstations, cloakroom equipment and specialist cabinets. Customers all over the country can count on our expertise here at 3d Lockers as an officially accredited Probe dealer for the very best products including:


Probe Lockers specialises in an unmatched range of lockers which meet a wide range of objectives for public, commercial and private buildings.  These include Probebox 1-6 Tier steel lockers, Zenbox aluminium lockers, Shockbox and Twin & Two person lockers.  For educational institutions, dedicated education lockers and laptop & media charging units can revolutionise storage on your premises.  Tab Box lockers are made to house i Pads, tablets and media devices. Available as storage only lockers or with a 3 pin socket or USB. You can also opt for a vision panel in each door to easily inspect contents.  Plastic lockers such as the Ultrabox units made the ideal lightweight and easily transportable option. If you are looking for an office or gym locker with a smart appearance, look no further than a Gloss Box Locker. Made with a steel body and high gloss finish doors. Available in shiny gloss white,  or black finish.

Cupboards and workstations

The Probe range of cupboards and workstations ticks the boxes of both industrial and commercial organisations, offering the desirable combination of practicality and durability.  Probe industrial cupboards have been specifically manufactured by Lion Steel to stand up to the rigours of everyday use, and inhospitable settings in industrial environments.  From a design perspective, the range of bright and amenable colours available have a positive effect on the overall appearnace of sometime sparse industrial environments.  There are a variety of colour combinations available for both doors and carcasses.

Probe commercial cupboards meet the requirments of the modern day business, offering companies a stylish way of organising files, folders and other physical collateral.  Probe workstations allow industrial operative to remain organised even in the midst of busy factories and plants, being built to protect their contents.

Cloakroom equipment

The cloakroom is an area of commercial premises which can get disorganised quickly and so the range of Probe cloakroom equipment is designed specifically to engender an attractive, uncluttered space for belongings to be left and picked up.  With a simple elegance, Probe cloakroom equipment offers a robust solution with a wide variety of colour options when it comes to the frames of hangers and benches.  Even if you only have a small amount of room to play with, the intelligent design of Probe cloakroom equipment can ensure that your cloakroom space does not result in a melee of personal items.

Specialist cabinets

In potentially dangerous industrial environments, organisation and safety are top priorities.  That's why specialist cabinets from Probe can go a long way to ensuring that the right items stay in the right place.  Probe acid and alkaline cabinets are specificallky designed to store caustic materials which need to be placed under the strictest control.  Highly visible and durable, acid and alkaline cabinets ensure that these controlled substances are stored safely and responsibly. Probe hazardous cabinets go one step further, designed in bright, attention-grabbing colours which act as a warning in their own right.  They are suitable for the isolation of flammable materials and vapours, protecting them from sources of ignition.  Clearly labelled and coloured in red, toxic cabinets are perfect for the correct storage of toxic materials, and for first aid needs, medical cabinets provide a natural home for the storage of medicines and other equipment.  Then there are general COSHH cabinets, which can be customised with a specific warning that relates to a particular hazard, with tailored labelling provided.  And for the purpose of storing Personal Protection Equipment - from uniforms to safety gadgets - PPE cabinets offer the ideal structure and size.

Have you heard about the benefits of Probe Locker Products? Call us today here at 3d Lockers for offically accredited information on the entire Probe range on 01924 240291