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Bespoke Curved Wall Locker Installation by 3D Lockers

Bespoke Curved Wall Locker Installation by 3D Lockers


Stockeld Park, a popular children's adventure park and attraction based in North Yorkshire contacted their local company 3D Lockers with a requirement for lockers. The lockers are part of a brand new project at the park, situated in the £3.2 million Hive play centre building. A unique, round, dome shaped building with four adventure themed zones contained within. The lockers were custom made to create a substantial storage wall of curved lockers. Offering a tremendous 252 locker compartments, the three tier lockers are situated on two opposing walls, one a concave shape and the other wall a convex shape. The unique curved locker wall design was achieved by using a special tapering method, whereby the front of the locker is wider than the rear. Thus creating a type of cheese wedge shape. The impressive curved lockers create a great focal point at the leisure park as well as offering plenty of safe, family storage.  


The Brief

  • The lockers are to be used for a family of four to store shoes while using the nearby play area.
  • The install area required lockers to be fitted along a curved wall.
  • Lockers need to have a digital locking option that does not require the use of keys.
  • The lockers need to be strong and durable for a high user area that will be long lasting.


3D Lockers attended site to inspect the install area and survey the curved wall. It was decided that a bespoke locker needed to be made in order to neatly fit a long run of lockers along the curve. The design of the bespoke locker is tapered at the back with a smaller width so that they fit flush with no gaps inbetween. As you can see from the photos, the custom made lockers fit beautifully along the wall. 

Our customer wanted to choose a storage locker that was large enough in compartment size to fit shoes for a family of four. Three door lockers were chosen which give an approximate compartment height of 520mm. In addition, they also wanted a locker style that would be more practical and longer lasting than a standard metal locker. Especially for a childrens park that will have a high turnover of customers. Our Shockbox lockers with Solid Grade Laminate overlay doors fit the bill.

Shockbox lockers come with a steel carcass and a scratch and vandle resistant solid laminate door. This style of locker is a great option for this type of environment as it means they are less likely to need to be replaced over time. Digital combination keypad locks were also chosen. This enables families to choose their own code when locking their locker. A new code can be selected each time the locker is used. This type of lock is extremely user friendly and easy to re-set if a code is forgotten.

The colour choice is 'Magfall Beech' - part of our stock colour range. End panels were added at the end of the runs of lockers to match the laminate doors. 


3D Lockers are proud to be a part of this prestigeous project. If you have a unique, curve building design and would like to find out how we can help, please get in touch with our sales team 01924 240291.


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