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Junior School Lockers at Skegness Junior Academy

Junior School Lockers at Skegness Junior Academy


Jazzy Low Height School Lockers in Skegness!


Skegness Junior Academy based in Lincolnshire contacted 3D Lockers with a requirement for new school lockers.  The academy originally had corridors with traditional coat pegs. Pupils hung coats, bags, personal items and also PE kits on these. They came to the conclusion that this was making certain areas look full of clutter and messy. In addition, areas with lots of jumble can be a fire hazard. Many coats and bags strewn across a corridor can be a potential health and safety risk in schools.


By installing metal school lockers, pupils have their own compartment space to store their personal items. 3D Lockers deal with the leading lock manufacturers in the UK. We have the best range of school lockers for sale.


Firstly, 3D Lockers went along to do a free site survey and measuring service. We can workout exactly where and how many school lockers can fit in the area. Our team can also flag up any potential issues. This may be things such as pipework that may be in the way or any restrictions to access points.


TIP: To keep the cost down when installing new school lockers, it is a great idea to consider nesting. You can order lockers in nest 2 or nest 3.  This means that two or three lockers have a join in the middle in manufacture. Nesting lockers is more cost effective. It will also reduce the amount of time it will take to offload from the vehicle and install. 


The Academy chose the following specification:

·         1382mm High
·         Three Door Lockers
·         300W x 380D
·         Mostly Nests of 3
·         Hasp & Staple Locks
·         Bespoke Door Colours


School colours at the Academy are black, light grey and purple. With this in mind, 3D Lockers are able to offer non-standard ‘special’ door colours. We can quote for a specific colour to match a colour scheme or logo at a small extra cost.  The school chose purple doors in RAL 4001 to match the school colour theme perfectly. 


The locker doors are in a horizontal stripe pattern in blocks of black, purple and light grey. This creates a bold and eye-catching effect.  Door colours can be randomly mixed to create any pattern, stripes or checker board effect at no extra cost.


An order for the lockers was sent in April but delivery was for the beginning of August. Therefore, the installation team can carry out works during the school holidays.  Our team brought special brackets to fix the lockers against the wall.  This ensures any skirting boards or also electrical cables were not in the way. 


The new school locker installation has not only given a transformation. Additionally, the school are able to create a new space which is now a library area.  Finally, the brand new junior school lockers are ready to go for the start of the new school term in September.


If you have a requirement for high school lockers, do not hesitate to call our friendly sales team on 01924 240291. We have over 30 years experience in the storage industry! We are on hand to offer any advice or a free quotation.


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