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Robust Sport Lockers for Bedes School

Robust Sport Lockers for Bedes School

After seeing the Two Tier Metal lockers on our locker website, 3d Lockers were contacted by the Sports and Facilities Manager at Bedes School and asked to submit a quotation to supply Two tier lockers 1800 x 300 x 300 lockers in Nests of 3 for 4 different areas of the school.

"Once the school had received some quotations and had a feel for the price, we were then most eager to explore further layout options and other specifications. We worked closely with 3d Lockers and found them to be most helpful and knowledgeable allowing us to fine tune the locker specification and to provide the most economical and robust solution for our requirements" says Sports manager David.

After exploring laminate door options as well as other locking options, the final specification was finally set on 3d Lockers' most popular school metal locker, well proven and robust,which would give the school many years good service.

"We settled on the Three tier Locker 1800 x 450 x 450 with Blue doors, and swivel latch hasp locks (for use with our own padlocks) and after checking out other suppliers' prices we knew we wanted to continue to work with 3d Lockers as our chosen supplier" says David. "From then on we continued to find other areas in the school where we could fit lockers for our pupils and finally ordered 222 lockers for 9 different areas of the school. We've recently taken delivery of the lockers and everyone is delighted with the end result"

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