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Discover Storage Products to Organise Vital Cleaning & PPE Supplies


Many business will be preparing to return to work soon as lockdown restrictions start to ease. Making sure your school, office or workplace is ready is vital. For the safety of your employees and customers.


New precautions will need to be taken in accordance with the government guidelines. You may need to stock up on cleaning chemicals, sanitizing stations and more PPE equipment. This will help to improve the health & safety in your workplace.


Read our useful guide to discover our top products.  Featuring lockable storage options to keep essential sanitizing and cleaning essentials safe and secure.

Do I Need A COSHH Cabinet?


Browse our extensive range of COSHH storage cabinets and cupboards. They offer a secure, lockable place to store vital cleaning chemicals.


These will be used in the workplace to keep premises clean and germs at bay. Some cleaning chemicals can be flammable or toxic. So it is important to store them in the correct way.

Our cheap COSHH cabinets conform to the Heath & Safety Executive HSG 51 & DSEAR 2002. They come in bright hazardous yellow or silver/grey. COSHH chemical storage cabinets come with GHS labels for you to fix on site and these include flammable, oxidising and explosive.

Our large COSHH cabinets come in a variety of sizes with different size sumps. The Elite Hazardous Cabinet 1830H x 915W x 457D offers three adjustable shelves for organising cleaning chemicals. It also comes with a large 36 litre sump. The leak proof sump contains any spillages.

If you need a cupboard with a lower height you may want to consider our 3/4 Hazardous Cupboard 1525H x 915W x 457D. This has two shelves and three point locking with 2 keys.

We also have a selection of small COSHH cabinets ideal if you are short on space. Try the Dangerous Mini COSHH Cabinet 710H x 457W x 305D by Elite. Mini chemical cabinets have sump capacities ranging from 5 to 30 litres.

Where Can I Buy A Cleaning Cupboard?


A Janitors Cabinet is an excellent solution to store essential cleaning products in your workplace.


  • Utility cupboards come complete with a central divider with full height space on one side to keep a mop & bucket.
  • It comes with a hanging rail so you can hang cleaning uniform or a protective jacket.
  • The other side divides into four compartments.
  • You can organise anti-bacterial cleaning sprays, disposable gloves, paper towels, protective masks and bleach all inside this tall cleaning cupboard.
  • There is enough space to store everything you need to keep a busy office, shop, school or doctors surgery clean at all times.
  • The Janitors Cabinet 65kg UDL comes with an anti-bacterial paint finish. Lockable cleaning cupboards are available in a range of smart colours and it is fully lockable with 2 keys.
  • There is also an 85kg UDL Janitors Cabinet which allows you to store more heavy duty cleaning items safely.

PPE Cabinets


PPE Cabinets are used to store specialist personal protective equipment in the workplace.


They come in royal blue with an anti-bacterial powder coating. They also come with visible PPE labels to make it easy for staff to identify the unit. Our range complies with the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992.


With new safety measures in place people need PPE in order to work safely. It may be that there is a requirement to hold more PPE in your workplace, hospital or business. So, our range of PPE Stations and PPE Storage Cabinets come in a range of sizes to store all types of PPE safely.


  •  The PPE Large Double Cabinet  has plenty of space to store face masks, protective face shields, disposable gloves, aprons and shoe covers. In addition, you could also store a selection of hand sanitizers and cleaning sprays all in one lockable place.
  • The PPE Wardrobe Cupboard comes with a full width hanging rail so you can hang up uniforms or any protective clothing. There is space on the shelf to keep protective face shields and boots. 


Our quality metal PPE cabinets will reassure you that you can securely lock away all of your vital PPE equipment. This helps contribute towards improving health & safety in your workplace.  

Low Height Lockers


You may want to think about creating a sanitizing station which you can easily install for your staff. You will need to ensure you have plenty of cleaning supplies such as hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial cleaning sprays and paper towels on hand so you can clean down desks, workstations and computing equipment every day.


A low height locker with two or three compartments would not take up too much space in an office. You can lock away a range of sanitizing solutions and wipes which can easily be accessed by staff. You could place this in a small corner or entrance to an office or workroom so staff can clean their hands before entering and take a spray to wipe down their desk before starting work.


The Low Locker 2 Door 900mm is an ideal height and has enough space to keep small bottles and gels. Or there is the 900H School Locker Three Door by QMP which offers three compartments for organising everyday sanitizing supplies. 


Low height metal lockers are not only cost effective but they come in a range of stylish paint colours so you can add a splash of colour to your room. They are fully lockable with a range of locking options available to keep your cleaning essentials safe.

Metal Storage Cupboards


  • Use this versatile storage cupboard in large offices, factories, laboratories or hospitals to store a range of cleaning products.
  • This metal storage cupboard uk comes with nine height adjustable shelves.
  • You can organise essential workplace cleaning items in one lockable place to help towards keeping health & safety levels high.
  • Store disposeable gloves, bleach, hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial cleaning sprays and cloths, protective masks or face sheilds all in one place.
  • Having a central place with all these items in the workplace makes it simple for staff to access the things they need to keep safe at work.
  • The 12 Compartment Steel Cupboard 65kg UDL has been constructed from robust mild steel and comes with 3 point locking with 2 keys.
  • You can choose from a range of bright door colours to make this cupboard stand out in your premises.
  • There is also an 85 kg UDL option which is ideal for industrial applications to hold heavier duty supplies.



Workstations are designed for use in factories, workshops and labs to store tools.


However the Probe Workstation would be an ideal sanitizing station to use in any business or workplace. Available in a range of configurations, you can choose to have an open front workstation with no doors or drawers.

You could keep hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial cleaning solutions on the shelves and staff can see the products clearly. Or you can opt to have lockable doors and drawers to keep your supplies secure. Use the drawers to keep disposeable gloves and face masks.

This stand alone unit could be used in reception areas or entrances so employees can sanitize their hands and collect their PPE before starting work.

We also have a Probe PPE Workstation  which comes in blue with 'Personal Protective Equipment' warning label to make it easily identifiable. All our workstations come with an anti-bacterial powder coated paint finish and a strong steel construction.

Clean & Dirty Locker


A clean & dirty locker would be the ideal addition to any workplace or factory. Use in engineering, construction, workshops or laboratories to separate clean and dirty uniforms or workwear.

This locker would be a great addition to help work towards stricter health & safety standards. By providing your workforce with a locker, they can keep their spare clean clothing separated along with space to store a small bag, shoes or helmet which may cause contamination if left laying around. Desks and worktops can also then be kept clear to wipe down and sanitize easily. 


The Clean & Dirty Locker by Probe comes with a full width internal hat shelf, central divider to separate clothing and a double coat hook in each side. A hard wearing anti-bacterial paint finish comes as standard making it an ideal choice to use in environments with high hygiene standards. You can create a row of clean & dirty lockers by joining them together side by side.

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