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End Panel Assembly Guide

Step 1

These are the tools you will require: 6 wood screws half inch with flat head, phillips screw driver, a pencil and a broddle.

Step 2

On Timberbox, Glossbox or Buzzbox locker ranges, remove the doors while the locker is in an upright position. Squeeze the bracket on the far left hand side bracket located on the locker side which will give a quick release of the bracket from the locker.  On other lockers it may not be possible to remove the doors, so in this case leave the doors in situ.

Step 3

Line the end panel and locker side by side on the floor. 

Step 4

Place the locker side on top of the end panel. Make sure the the locker is lined up on the top, bottom and rear side of the locker and the panel is completely flush with the locker. The front of the panel will protrude from the front face of the locker. This is to cover the side of the doors.

Step 5

Mark with a pencil through the small holes. Two at the top, two at the bottom and two in the middle.

Step 6

Move the locker to one side and make starter holes on top of the pencil marks on the laminate end panel using a sharp broddle or fine drill. This is to get a keyso that the wood screw can pick up a thread more easily.

Step 7

Place the locker back on top of the panel making sure the top, bottom and rear side are flush once again.

Step 8

Use the phillips screw driver to screw in the six wood screws.

Step 9

Raise the locker back up and re-attach the doors (if removed. When replacing the doors, position the hinge on the front right first and click on the rear of the hinge.

Step 10

Et Voila! A laminate end panel covering the side of the locker, making the appearance much neater and more aesthetically pleasing.

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