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Choosing The Right Metal Locker Colours For Your School

Locker Door Colours

Choosing a colour scheme for school lockers can be a daunting task as there is so much to consider. You may want to choose locker door colours that match your school logo or tie in with the colour of your school uniforms. Or you may want to consider a colour that compliments the decor in your corridors if you have a specific colour theme around school.

Luckily 3D Lockers are here to help. We know everything there is to know about locker colours and with our expertise we can help you make the right decision. Follow our easy step by step guide to find out more and explore the colour ranges we have to offer.

Step 1 - Mix & Match Door Colours

With all our locker ranges, you don't have to stick to just one colour. You can pick multiple colours to create a flamboyant pattern or a chequerboard effect. Lots of schools like to mix two or three door colours to make a corridor or classroom look fun and vibrant. There is no extra charge to do this and we can also email you a mock up layout of the door colours you have chosen to check you are happy with the look before placing your order.

Step 2 - RAL Numbers

Each powder coated paint colour has its own unique reference, in most cases this is RAL followed by a number or sometimes BS followed by a number. If you have a specific shade of colour in mind, you can easily find a RAL number on the internet.

We can tell you what RAL number all our locker door colours have which is useful if you are wanting to match up existing lockers or another item in school which has a paint finish.

We can send out colour samples in the post before you decide. The colours shown on our website are not an exact match, they are only a representation. So if you want to be sure, you can see the colours in the flesh or ask for the RAL number so you can check the exact shade. 

Step 3 - Personality Of Colour

Choose a colour that best represents your school's personality, goals and image. Find out what certain colours represent:

Blue - Security, stability, trust, confidence and positivity of mind. This is the no.1 preferred colour for boys & girls.

Green - Health, tranquility, nature, calm and relaxation. Suits both boys & girls.

Red - Vibrance, stimulation, strength, leadership, courage & determination. Red can also represent anger so use sparingly.

Yellow - Cheerfulness, optimism, clarity and energy.

Purple - Success, wisdom, soothing, calming, ambition.

Orange - Creativity, joy, warmth, enthusiasm, fun.

Grey - Neutral, calm, logic, technology, futuristic.

Black - Power, precision, strength, authority, elegance.

Pink - Caring, compassion, hope & positivity.

Step 4 - Choose Your Brand Of Lockers

At 3D Lockers we deal with the UK's leading locker manufacturer's to bring you a wide range of choice. Our main locker brands are Probe, Elite, QMP, Link and Atlas. All have different colour options and lead times. All brands offer the same premium quality and are manufactured to the highest standard.

Step 5 - Contemporary Colour Lockers By Probe

Probe Lockers are a popular choice with schools as they have a great colour selection to appeal to a wide range of tastes while being cost effective.

Probe have a choice of standard colours which include:

Red (BS 04 E53) 

Blue (RAL 5019)

Yellow (RAL 1004)

Green (RAL 6018)

Silver (RAL 9006)

White (RAL 9016)

Black (RAL 9004)

In addition, they also have an 'Autumn Colours'range which feature funky pastel colours. These include:

Lemon (RAL 1016)

Purple (RAL 4008)

Ocean (RAL 5024)

Jade (RAL 6021)

Orange (RAL 2003)

You can mix & match both standard and autumn colours for example blue with autumn ocean which look well together.

With Probe Lockers you can also choose to have either silver, black or white frames at no extra cost. Black or white really makes the door colour pop.They are the only manufacturer to offer this as standard. The paint finish is matt as opposed to a smooth finish, but this works well in schools where graffiti is a problem.

Lead Time: Approximately 2 working weeks from order.

Step 6 - Elite Range of Metal Lockers

Step 7 - M Series Metal Lockers

Link Lockers offer a great range of standard metal door colours, they also have a range of pastel colours at a small additional cost. Lead times do vary with Link Lockers if you go for a non-standard colour. Light grey frames come as standard but you can pay extra for a locker to be in one complete colour (frame & doors). Contact our sales team for pricing.

Standard Door Colours 10 Days Lead Time:

Light Grey (RAL 7035)

Dark Grey (BS 00A11)

Red (RAL 3020)

Blue (RAL 5002)

Green (RAL 6001)

Carmine Burgundy (RAL 3002)

15-20 Working Day Lead Time:

Electric Blue: BS 20 E 51

Black: RAL 9005

Bitter Chocolate: BS 08B29

Fawn: BS 08B21

Burgundy: RAL 3003

Pastel Colours 15-20 Working Day Lead Time plus 5% Surcharge:

Sunburst Yellow: BS 10 E 50

Candy Pink: BS 02 C33

Light Violet: BS 381 C 797

Turquoise: RAL 6034

White: RAL 9010

Step 8 - Atlas Lockers For Speedy Delivery

You may find yourself in need of school lockers which have been forgotten to be ordered. Our quick delivery range offer full height lockers at 1800H and also some smaller 1372H and 943H perfect for smaller pupils. Available from stock, this high quality school locker range can be delivered within 5 working days. However, the colour choices are limited yet still offer these bold options:

Blue (RAL 5017)

Red (RAL 3020)

Light Grey (RAL 7035)

Green (RAL 6005)

Yellow (RAL 1003)

Light grey frames come as standard and you can pick multiple door colours instead of one single colour throughout.

Lead Time: 5 working days 

Step 9 - Vibrant Spectrum Lockers

QMP offer an entirely different jazzy range of colour options on thier spectrum lockers. With high strength and durability as standard, this colourful metal locker range will look great in any school or office.

Choose between Sublime Lime (RAL 6026)

Pitahaya Pink (RAL 3504050)

Berry Burst (RAL 4007)

Lagoon Blue (RAL 1906045)

Tamarillo Red (RAL 3020)

Guava Green (RAL 6026)

Chilli Pepper Orange (RAL 2004)

Tangelo Orange (RAL 2001)

Summer Lilac (RAL 4008)

Play around with colours to create a vivid wall of lockers.

These lockers are more suited for larger orders as there is a minimum order of 20 lockers.

Step 10 - Bespoke Locker Door Colours

If you can't find the colour you are looking for or have a more specific colour in mind, we can price for a bespoke made locker in a RAL number of your choice. The paint colour can be ordered in specially to create a unique door colour tailored to you. This works particularly well if you are matching up to an existing colour in school or you need the right shade of purple/pink/green! This service is for larger requirements only. Please contact us as 3D Lockers for further info.