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How to Install Lockers In 6 Easy Steps

Step 1

Tools that you will need.

  • Tape Measure 
  • Drill
  • Nesting Bolts 
  • Timber Batton
  • Pencil / Marker Pen

Step 2

Firstly distribute lockers to the desired area of installation. Unpack and check lockers for damages (report any damages back to us at 3d Lockers before installation)

Step 3

Firstly lockers need to be fixed together - Side by Side 

Lockers, due to their narrow height to width ratio should be fixed together to form a run of lockers. The lockers are already pre-drilled in readiness for fixing side by side. 

Lockers can be fixed together via:

A) Nesting Nuts and Bolts (These are provided - if you haven't received any, then please contact 3d Lockers)

B) Rivets  (Not provided, but is a suitable alternative for experienced installers/handymen)

Step 4

Methods of Fixing Side by Side and Back to Back

A) Use 4 Rivets/Nesting Bolts - 2 at the top (front and rear) and 2 at the base (front and rear) per pair of ajoining lockers

B) Lockers mounted on stands should be fited down to the stand / seat stand and then fixed side by side and front to back.

C) For back to back fixing - fix through holes at the top and bottom of the rear of the lockers.

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