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How Will Mobile Phone Lockers Benefit Me?



Mobile phone lockers are a wise investment for any working environment looking to minimize disruption and increase productivity.


Mobile phones have in recent years taken over the way we communicate. We spend our spare time interacting on-line. There is also an increasing rise in addiction to technology and social media. Users check their phones and spend hours scrolling and staring at the screen.


Here at 3D Lockers we have cost effective options available for any application.

Provide a safe, secure space to lock away mobile phones.

Use mini phone lockers to store keys, wallets or jewellery.

We have a wide range of small mobile phone lockers perfect for storing smaller personal items.

You can wall mount mobile phone lockers to save on valuable space.

Or stack them side by side to create a bank of lockers.

Mobile Phone Lockers can be used in a range of working environments. Read on to discover some examples of why they could benefit your staff or employees.

Mobile Phone Lockers for Schools


Firstly, it can be a challenge to control the use of mobile phones in the classroom. Teachers may often feel they are a constant distraction. Even if the phone is set to silent or vibrate, the temptation is still there for pupils to check their phone screens. 


Control the use of mobile phones in school by having a policy to lock phones away during the school day. Or at least during lesson time. A school mobile phone locker means pupils can store phones away. And also disruption is kept to a minimum. Not only this, students can have peace of mind that their device is safe and will not have any damage or be stolen. Parents also have peace of mind that their child’s phone is kept in a safe place.


A great option for schools would be the Phone Locker 4 Door or Phone Locker .Or there is an 8 Door version.

These practical storage lockers offer the ideal size compartment to lock away a phone, wallet or any small valuables during the school day.

You can opt to have a flat top or a sloping top. This is worth considering to prevent litter being thrown above the locker.

These lockers are available with light grey or blue doors to suit any school décor.

Even better you can wall mount these lockers. Perfect if you are short on space but still need storage.

You can have a camlock with 2 keys or you can have a hasp & staple lock to use with a padlock to secure it.

Office Phone Lockers


Just like schools, mobile phones can be a huge distraction for staff working in an office. Phones can decrease productivity levels and efficiency. It is becoming more popular now for businesses to implement a no phone rule.


Staff will accept this rule more readily knowing they have a safe haven for their mobile phone. Offering a mobile phone locker for office also reduces the risk of theft in the workplace.  Our range of mobile phone lockers uk offer a superb storage solution.

As well as our storage only mobile phone lockers, why not consider a mobile phone locker with charger? Staff can lock away their valuable phone while also keeping it on full charge when not in use.

Accommodate our Charging Phone Locker 900H x 250W x 180D 4 Door  in a small space. It comes with a battery charging facility in each compartment. It comes with a kettle lead for you to plug into a mains socket and it is ready to use.

This locker is also available in an 8 door option Charging Phone Locker 900H x 250W x 180D 8 Door. Choose from a wide range of door colours including blue, red, yellow, green, grey and also black. You can also add a sloping top at no extra cost.

Do I Need A Phone Locker In My Gym?


It may be worth considering small compartment lockers for people to lock away phones & keys.


Most gyms have large storage lockers in changing rooms for people to store sports bags and spare clothes. At peak times a strain can be put on available lockers. For example, if people are using them just for small personal effects larger lockers get taken up quickly. 

Mobile phone lockers for gyms are just as secure as metal gym lockers. They offer enough space to store small personal belongings. They also take up less space and are ideal for wall mounting. Installing cheap mobile phone lockers in reception areas is also a great cost effective solution. Gym goers can quickly drop off their phones/keys on their way in and out.


Why not take a look at Minibox Probe 8 Door Locker?


  • This stylish small compartment locker comes in a selection of vibrant door colours.
  • You can mix & match and have a white, silver or black frame. Therefore there is sure to be a colour combination to suit any gym or fitness studio environment!
  • The overall dimensions are 415H x 900W x 230D and the compartment clear entry is 155 x 155.
  • You can wall mount this locker, it comes with holes already in the back.
  • You can also stack them to create a wall of lockers.
  • If you need a larger volume of compartments you could try the Probe Personal Effects Locker 20 Compartments.

Can I Install Mobile Phone Lockers in A Police Station Or Prison?


Phone lockers provide the perfect place to keep electronic devices safe for visitors or members of staff.


Quite often people visiting inmates are not allowed to take in phones or keys. Clever mobile phone lockers can be installed in police reception areas or prison visitor centres.

The Mobile Phone Locker 900mm High 4 Door would be an ideal option for a police environment.

  • Available as a single unit or Nest 2 (2 lockers wide to give 8 compartments).
  • The doors are solid steel, or you can have perforations to allow easy inspection of contents at no additional cost.
  • You can choose to have a flat top or a sloping top version and you can wall mount or bolt one on top of the other or side by side to form a run of lockers.
  • Camlocks with 2 keys come as standard or hasp & staple locks.
  • The overall height is 915mm, rising to 990mm when you have a sloping top.
  • The width is 250mm and depth 155mm. There is also an 8 door version which is available as a single or Nest 2 locker (16 compartments).

It is important to take into consideration the compartment dimensions of these lockers:

Four door locker internal sizes: 100H x 247W x 126D

Eight door locker internal sizes: 200H x 247W x 126D

How Do I Find Out More On Phone Lockers?


You can find out more about mobile phone and personal effects lockers and browse our available selection on our website. www.3dlockers.co.uk Or, for more information, sales enquiries or quotes you can call our friendly sales team on 01924 240291 or email sales@3dlockers.co.uk we would be happy to help!