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Here at 3D Lockers we realise that sometimes waiting on long manufacturing lead times for lockers will not do. Weather it is quick delivery gym lockers, express school lockers or quick ship tool lockers you require, our collection is sure to have something to suit your application and most importantly available quick! Our exclusive quick delivery locker range is not extensive, but it does include practical storage lockers to suit any budget. Express lockers are available from stock and can be delivered as soon as 3 working days. We can sometimes offer next day delivery depending on stock, if you have an enquiry for next day lockers it is always worth an ask and we will do our best to meet your delivery timescale.

Read on to discover which quick delivery locker is right for your premises.

Quick Delivery Metal Lockers

Metal lockers can be used in a wide range of environments such as schools, gyms, offices, staff rooms, restaurants, police, prisons and more. Most of our standard metal lockers are made to order and the manufacturing lead times can vary from 2-3 weeks. If you need express lockers with a super quick turnaround we can help. We offer two ranges of speed delivery metal lockers.

Our ‘express’ range see Express 1 Door Locker 800H – Max 5 Day Delivery comes in single, two, three, four and six door configurations. You can choose from red, light grey or blue doors and all come with camlocks & 2 keys only. There are two size options 300w x 300d or 300w x 450d. Maximum of 10 lockers per order on this range. We can offer next day delivery on express lockers, but carriage charges do apply.

Our ‘quick delivery’ lockers range see Quick Delivery Locker Single Door comes in the same door options and you can have red, light grey, blue, green or yellow doors. Choose from three size options 300w x 300d, 300w x 450d or 450w x 450d. Generally, there is a large volume of stock available so we can take orders of 10, 20, 30 up to 100 lockers if there is enough stock. Delivery is between 3-5 working days or you can have next day delivery with a small extra carriage charge. It is advisable to call our sales team to check stock and availability and there is a cut-off point at 12pm for next day delivery requests.

Quick Delivery Metal Lockers

Quick Delivery School Lockers

Quite often we have enquiries from schools who need to order express school lockers last minute. It may be because they have had a fire inspection and have been advised to invest in lockers as their classroom or corridor may be a potential fire hazard. Or new lockers are needed for the start of a new term and they have not been ordered in time. Investing in school lockers will instantly organize any untidy classroom. For primary or junior schools, you may want to consider our Quick Delivery 943mm High KS1 2 Door Locker or Quick Delivery 1372mm High KS2 3 Door Locker. Both options are available in two sizes: 300w x 380d or 300w x 450d. Choose from a small selection of stock door colours which includes red, blue, light grey, green or yellow. Any of these door colours would fit into an education setting. You can mix & match door colours if you want to create a pattern or chequerboard effect. These lockers are supplied as single units which can be bolted together side by side on site. Even better, these lockers can be delivered in 3-5 working days depending on stock levels.

Quick Delivery Mobile Phone Lockers

Mobile phone lockers are great for use in the workplace, schools, reception areas or for events. Most people carry a mobile phone with them but not all working or school environments allow them to be used during the day as they can become a distraction. Pupils and staff appreciate when there is a safe haven to keep phones, keys or small valuables locked away. If you need a phone locker super quick, we have you covered. Choose from a four or eight door locker with blue doors, light grey frame and camlocks. The Quick Delivery Mobile Phone Locker Four Door is 915H x 250W x 180D is a popular choice. Order by 11am on day one to get delivery in 3 working days. The eight-door option is also available from stock and you can bolt multiple lockers side by side to create a bank of lockers. Further to our storage only phone lockers, we can also offer charging phone lockers in a four or eight door configuration. Available from stock, in charge phone lockers can be delivered fast, an ideal storage solution for any last-minute business meetings or events where multiple people will need to store and charge their mobile phone. Please note there is a maximum order quantity of 10 units on these lockers.

Quick Delivery Laptop Locker

We sell all different kinds of laptop lockers including storage only and charging. For a laptop storage solution with express delivery, take a look at our Quick Delivery 10 Door Laptop Locker. Not only can you lock away valuable laptop devices securely, you can also plug them in to charge when not in use. Each compartment comes with a 3-pin plug for you to plug in your own laptop charging cable. It comes with blue doors and camlocks as standard. Similar to the mobile phone lockers, if you place an order by 11am you will get delivery on day 3. Laptop lockers are hugely popular with the MOD, police, education and office buildings.

Quick Delivery Personal Effects

If you need express personal effects lockers, then our quick delivery range is the right choice for you. Our best-selling small compartment lockers feature an 1800H 20 door, 940H 20 door, 28 door or Quick Delivery 40 door Personal Effects Locker. Available from stock and quick 5 day delivery, in either blue or light grey with camlocks & 2 keys. You can purchase a master key too which will unlock all compartments if any keys are lost. Fast delivery personal effects lockers are a practical choice for schools, gyms, offices or any environment where small valuables, keys or wallets need to be stored securely. Enhance security in your workplace with our super selection.

Contact Our Sales Team For Further Information

If you are not sure which is the best quick delivery locker for you, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help. Or if you have an urgent enquiry for next day lockers call our sales team on 01924 240291.