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How To: Type P 4 Digit Combi Locks


Step 1 - Set Lock To Default User Code

Scroll the 4 dials into a horizontal position to the default factory user code of 3333


Step 2 - Open Up

Turn the complete knob unit 90 degrees to the right to open the locker compartment. The lock must be in the open position to allow the user to set their own individual code. The cam arm at the back of the door will be in an upright position when the lock is in the open position.


Step 3 - Setting A New Code

Press and hold the small code set button and whilst continuing to hold, rotate the dials to select a new user coe of choice.

Release the code set button and the new user code will be set.

Close the locker door and lock the compartment by rotating the lock unit back 90 degrees (left).

Before leaving the locker, scramble the code.

The locker compartment is now fully locked.


Step 4 - Opening The Locker

Scroll the dials to the 4 digit code previously set by the user.

Open the locker compartment by turning the knob 90 degrees to the right.

Leave the locker door open for the next user.


Step 5 - How To Retrieve A Forgotten Code

Insert the master re-set key and turn 90 degrees clockwise. The key should now be in the horizontal position. 

Leave the key in place and gently scroll each of the 4 weeks upwards until they stop rotating.

The position of the 4 scrolls will reveal the previous user code.

Turn the key 90 degrees anti-clockwise and remove from lock.

Open the lock by turning 90 degrees to the right (closkwise)


Step 6 - Start Again To Set New User Code

Refer to step 2 to start the procedure of re-setting a new user code