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Tip 1- Environment

Wet Area Lockers

When choosing a wet area locker, you need to consider the type of environment they will be situated in. You may be looking for gym lockers which are going to be near a shower area. Or spa lockers which are exposed to humid conditions. Any area which is wet or humid means a standard metal locker is likely to rust over time. This isn't going to look good visually and means you will need to replace them sooner!

To prevent this, it is wise to invest in a specifically designed locker for wet area. We have aluminium body lockers also known as Zenbox Lockers. These lockers come with a solid grade laminate door. We also have galvanised steel lockers, plastic lockers and laminate lockers for wet area.

Tip 2 - Environment

When choosing lockers for wet area, you need to think about the material the locker is made out of. We can offer:

Aluminium Lockers  - ideal for spas, swimming pool areas, wet area changing rooms, gym locker rooms. (Fully chlorine resistant).

Plastic Lockers - ideal for swimming pools, outdoor activity centres, water sports centres, outdoors under a canopy.

Galvanised Steel Lockers - wet changing rooms, spas, (not fully chlorine resistant).

Wet Area Laminate Lockers - spas, gyms, leisure centres, health clubs.

Tip 3 - Lock Options

Wet Area Locks

Our wet area lockers including aluminium lockers and plastic lockers come with a range of lock options. As standard all lockers come with either a camlock with 2 keys or a hasp & staple lock to use with a padlock.

Depending on the type of user, we also have £1 coin return locks, coin retain locks, 4 digit scroll combination locks and digital combination locks.

Combination locks can be set for a single user or multiple use. Coin operated locks can easily have a new user each time the locker is used.

All our leisure lockers have waterproof and chlorine resistant locking options.

Tip 4 - Compartment Size

Wet Area Locker Size

The size of the locker is very important. Most gyms, spas and health clubs select lockers which are 300w x 450d. They typically have two or three tier lockers. There is therefore plenty of storage space for a gym bag, coat and shoes.

Our aluminium lockers range has even bigger compartment sizes to choose from including: 400W x 450D or 300W x 500D.

Tip 5 - Accessories

Locker Accessories

A wide selection of accessories for wet area lockers are available to add. You can personalise your lockers with number plates, numbered key fobs and wristbands.

If your lockers need raising off the floor then locker stands and locker seat stands in co-ordinating sizes are available. 

Don't forget that wet area laminate lockers come with an exposed steel body. But you can buy matching locker end panels to finish off a run of lockers.