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What Are The Benefits Of A Coin Operated Locker?


Coin operated lockers are an excellent choice if you are looking for reliable storage lockers to use in areas where multiple users will be using the locker each day. For example a gym would benefit from using a coin return locker. There is likely to be a high turnover of customers each day with multiple users occupying a locker compartment. They need to bring a £1 coin in order to use a locker to store their belongings. 


  • A coin return locker eliminates the chance of keys being lost. This reoccurring issue can sometimes be tiring if people lose their locker keys often. The customer has to hang on to their key in order to retrieve their £1 coin. It can work as an incentive for users to return the locker keys in order to get the £1 coin back.


  • £1 coin return locks are very simple to use and can even be retro fit onto any metal locker. If you currently have camlocks or hasp & staple locks and are considering upgrading to a coin return lock, it is very simple to swap over.


  • Another advantage of a coin-op locker is there is no coin box fitted at the back of the door. Vandals can therefore not break in to the cash box.

Can You Retro Fit A Coin Return Lock?

Our new style of coin operated lockers can easily be retro fitted to any existing metal lockers you may have. If you wish to swap over from standard locks, this is very simple to do. We can supply the coin return locks on their own for you to retro fit onto any UK manufactured metal lockers. If you are unsure if our locks will fit, please contact our sales team to check. 

What Areas Are Suitable To Use A Coin-Operated Locker?

Coin operated lockers can be used in a wide range of settings. Generally, they are best used in multiple user areas where a different person is using the locker each time the locker is in use. This way keys are less likely to be lost or codes forgotten leading to the compartment being unaccessible. 

£1 Coin Return Gym Lockers

Coin return lockers are great for use in gyms, leisure centres or sports changing rooms. All the user needs is a £1 coin to use a compartment. This works well with especially with gyms that have high volumes of customers.

£1 Coin Return Office Lockers

Coin-op lockers would be ideal for office or workplace use. New office areas have hot desking or co-working environments where different members of staff or self employed workers may use the office space each day. Providing a lockable space allows them to store their personal items during the working day. A coin return lock is a simple and effective locking option to this type of working environment. A good option for a co-working office would be our Champion 4 Door Coin Return Locker

Coin Return Lockers for Public Areas

£1 Coin Return Lockers can be used in a range of public areas such as reception areas, libraries, airports, shopping centres, swimming pools, childrens play aras to name a few. All that is required is a coin to release the key and the keys need to be returned in order to retrieve the coin and locker contents.

New Style Coin Operated Locks


Our coin operated locks, which can also be easily retro fitted onto existing lockers, have a more modern design than previous coin operated locks. Old styles were quite old fashioned with a box on the back and only the keys would show on the front. You also needed a re-inforced door to take a coinbox at the back. The newer style is front facing so the pound coin partially shows on the front of the lock. This new type of coin lock is simple, cost effective and easy to use.