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Wristband & Key Assembly Guide

Step 1

These are the tools you will require to fit the key to the wriststrap:

A pair of pliers,

Male & Female Rivets,


Optional Serrated Knife.

Step 2

Identify the key hole shape.  Some key holes require the nodule on the wristband to be removed prior to installation of the key on the wristband.  The key needs to sit flush.

Typical keys which require nodule removal are:





Lowe and Fletcher


If you are unsure about the suitability of the wristband to fit your particular key shape, please contact 3d Lockers for advise.

Step 3

Next, remove plastic nodule with a serrated edge knife. 

Alternatively you can request for nodules to be removed before dispatch.

Step 4

Insert the smallest female rivet underneath the wristband. Flat side down.

Step 5

Place the key onto the wristband on top of the small rivet.

Step 6

Place larger male rivet over the key and sqeeze together.

Step 7

Use the pliers to firmly secure the rivets in place.