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Cube, Quarto, Sixto Lockers

Cube, Quarto, Sixto Lockers

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What Are the Benefits Of Cube Lockers?

Stackable Lockers - You can quickly assemble cube lockers on-site into a configuration to fit any available space. Bolt them together from the bottom, side or top. Turn a corridor wall or under-stairs area into a simple, user-friendly storage solution. Many customers configure cubes, quarto or sixto lockers to replicate their official company colours or logo. Hence why our locker range is so popular.

Helping with health - In times where we are increasingly infection-conscious, all our 3D small lockers are treated with Biocote as part of the manufacturing process. This anti-bacterial powder coating offers lifelong protection from dirty fingers and also harmful germs. Reducing surface bacteria by at least 94%.

Powerfully constructed storage solutions -These 3D sixto, cube and quarto lockers all offer a strong and robust steel construction. Along with door reinforcement and ventilation holes at the rear. Holes on the locker base make them easy and quick to stack into your chosen configuration.

A locked-down security solution - Our mini lockers come with a range of locking options. You might choose models with a camlock (into a slot in the frame for added security) and two key combinations.

Alternatively, you might prefer hasp and staple lock (for use with your own padlocks), dial combination (with multi-user facility), or coin retain or also return, all to ensure secure storage. Masterkeys are also available on the checkout page when ordering.

Are Cube Lockers Easy to Install?

Cube, quarto or sixto lockers are super simple to install in your workplace, school or public area. They come with holes in the side and also base to enable you to stack or nest lockers together. Create a wall or bank or lockers to suit your space. In addition, you can add nesting bolts to your order to fix them together on site.

Where Are Cube Lockers Used?

Cube lockers and our range of mini quarto or sixto storage lockers are commonly in use in a wide range of environments.

Schools – cube lockers allow schools to create their own bespoke locker system to fit into smaller spaces. Use in classrooms, corridors, or staff rooms to store books, bags, personal items or a spare pair of shoes. Staff can also use mini lockers to lock away valuables during the day.

Gyms – Members can lock away car keys, phones or wallets while working out or playing sports.

Offices – Employees have a secure place to keep personal items, bags or small electronic devices.