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What Is a Laptop Locker?

A laptop locker is a storage unit with multiple compartments to keep laptop devices secure when not in use. They can have a single purpose to store lockers safely or a double purpose to store and charge laptops. Laptop storage lockers are a great storage solution for environments where there is a large quantity of lockers in use such as schools, colleges, universities, offices, libraries, call centres, healthcare settings.

Laptop lockers come in various sizes and compartment options. Choose from 8, 10 or 15 compartments. You can have individual compartments or a single door access for supervisors or managers to keep an eye on devices.

Where Can I Use A Laptop Locker?

Education - Environments such as schools, colleges and universities are now using increasing numbers of laptops for learning. Schools often provide laptops for pupils to use or in some schools, pupils can bring their own laptop to school. Having so many valuable laptops circulating school can pose a security or theft threat. Laptop lockers for schools are the best solution for storing away in a lockable place. Or charging lockers keep laptops with full power so they are ready to use. Check out our Powerbox by Probe 10 Door Laptop Locker which is a popular choice with schools.

Offices – Office environments use laptops frequently, so lockers for laptops are becoming increasingly popular in this sector. Employees can have peace of mind leaving their laptop in a specially designated laptop locker overnight. Or store laptops in a charging laptop locker while not in use to power up so they are ready to use. With a range of locking options to suit most security requirements, you can provide a secure place to leave laptops in one place. This means staff don’t have to carry their devices back and forth between home and work.

NHS & Healthcare – Hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, dentists, and clinics all use laptops daily. A laptop locker with power allows staff to charge laptops and lock them away while not in use. Charging laptop trolleys are available, making transporting laptops between rooms simpler. Such as the Powerbox by Probe 2 Door, 16 Compartment Laptop Trolley. In addition, all our laptop storage lockers come with Biocote anti-bacterial protection. This unique formula helps to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria on contact surfaces. Great for medical environments to contribute to high levels of hygiene.

What Are the Benefits of a Charging Laptop Locker?

There are a multitude of benefits and features which you can enjoy when you purchase a laptop locker with power. Firstly, all our charging lockers have a high level of testing. Powerbox lockers have the highest standard BS EN ISO/IEC 17050-1:2010 for your peace of mind. In addition, they have fire testing and certification. You can choose to charge your devices via a 3 pin plug in each compartment or USB connectors. USB-A is available or the new USB-C connection which will eventually supersede USB-A. A 2-metre kettle lead comes with the locker so you can plug the locker into a mains socket.

Charging lockers are particularly useful in environments where laptops are in use regularly throughout the day. You can store laptops securely in a locker while being left to charge so they are fully powered and ready to go for the next use. Powered laptop lockers are also great for public areas such as libraries or transport hubs so members of the public can charge up their laptops in between travelling.

What Lock Options Are Available for Laptop Lockers?

Choosing a lock solution for securing laptops can depend on the environment and who will be using the locker. Our standard lock options are camlocks with 2 keys, a master key override is available as a backup key in case a key is lost. Alternatively, you can use hasp & staple locks with a padlock (not included). Other lock choices are 4 digit scroll combi locks, these are great for multiple users. A new code can be saved each time the locker is in use. Or electronic digital combination locks which are a keypad style lock. These can be set to private our public user mode.

How to Install Laptop Lockers?

Laptop storage lockers are fine free standing on their own. Or you can join multiple lockers side by side to create a bank of lockers which will also make them sturdier. If you do decide to install, we recommend drilling through the back of the locker and securing to a 2-inch wooden batten.