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Why Are School Lockers a Good Investment?


School Lockers are increasingly in use in primary, junior or secondary schools. They are a great, modern, storage solution in place of old style cloakroom pegs. Storage lockers are extremely practical. They also look aesthetically pleasing. Space is often at a premium in schools so lockers can be beneficial. Relying on coat hooks can raise issues when storing bags, coats and PE bags during the school day. Personal possessions can fall onto the floor. This can cause a potential health & safety hazard.

Can School Lockers Prevent Fire & Trip Hazards?


Quite often schools will receive a visit from a fire officer. They will assess any potential dangers in school which may cause a health & safety issue. One of the main problems in schools is trip hazards or fire risk. These are obstructions, usually bags or coats being strewn along corridors. Coat pegs can become crammed with belongings. This takes up huge amounts of space along walls. In addition, multiple personal belongings thrown across the floor looks unsightly. Corridors must to be kept clear so that pupils can escape quickly if there is a fire. 


A practical solution to overcome a potential fire risk is to install school lockers. Pupils can store their school bags, coats, personal belongings or also PE bags in one tidy place.

  • At 3D Lockers we have a huge range of lockers to choose from to suit any space or environment.
  • From full height lockers to low height lockers, our best selling Probe Three Door Locker 1350H is a great choice for primary or junior schools. 
  • For larger projects, we can offer a free site visit to measure up and provide any advice you may need. Locker installation is also available at additional cost.


School lockers will improve health & safety in your school. Corridors can be kept neat, tidy and free from clutter. Personal items are also less likely to go missing if each pupil has their own space to store their things. Headteachers can have peace of mind making a sound investment to minimise any major health & safety concerns. 

Can School Lockers Help Minimise The Spread of Bacteria?


All our school lockers come with anti-microbial protection as standard. Our factories use Activecoat or Biocote formulas which are incorporated into the paint finish.


  • Anti-bacterial protection is proven to reduce levels of bacteria on contact surfaces up to 99.9%
  • Drastically reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Reduce the rick of harmful bacteria and moulds
  • Effective for the life of the coating
  • Impedes the growth of hamrful bacteria, mould, fungi, algae and more. Reducing hte risk of cross contamination from surface to surface


As schools can often be crawling with harmful bacteria and germs, investing in lockers with anti-bacterial protection is a wise choice. Pupils are less likely to spread germs when opening or closing their lockers. 

Choose from our quality range of primary, junior and secondary school lockers. Available in a range of powder coated paint options. 

This Coloured Three Door Locker is a popular choice.


Can Lockers Reduce Lost Property in Schools?


Quite often in infant or primary schools there can be a mix up with pegs. This can be a constant irritation for teachers and parents! PE kits, coats or personal items can easily go missing in untidy corridors. By providing a school storage locker, the issue of lost property can be significantly reduced. Pupils have peace of mind that their belongings stored away safely in their own locker. This can also help contribute to less stress and better learning during the day.

In addition, installing lockers in place of coat pegs will look much more aesthetically pleasing! You can style with door colours to match your school uniform or mix an dmatch to create a chequerboard pattern. 

Can Lockers Improve Learning Environments?


  • Having a great storage solution in place in your school can help contribute to an effective learning environment.
  • Tidy corridors and cloakrooms will give a sense of organisation.
  • By investing in lockers, pupils will have their own space to keep their belongings.
  • Students will feel more organised by having a secure space to storage books, bags, PE kits in their own locker.
  • Clutter is minimalised which can only contribute to a better learning environment.
  • Pupils also feel valued that they have their own storage space