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Why are Link Lockers trusted so much by retailers around the country including us here at 3d Lockers? It might be the 60 years of experience which goes into manufacturing lockers and cupboards, or perhaps it's the unmatched quality of the products.  We offer a great selection of Link Lockers range of cupboards and workstations which is recognised for its versatility, innovation and style, fulfilling specific roles in a number of industrial and commercial environments: 

Metal Lockers

The Link Lockers range of metal lockers meet a wide range of objectives for commercial and public organisations.  From units which are specially designed to store laptops, or small items to police lockers and garment locker for hygienic uniform storage - you will find the Link Lockers selection ticks many boxes for site managers and business owners.  Link Lockers units offer the advantage of Activecoat animicrobial protection, which can help to prevent the spread of germs.

Link metal lockers are manufactured in Shropshire to market leading standards.  Multiple configurations are available to meet all requirements.  Whether you require full length lockers, or multiple doors in a single nest, we offer a variety of options.  Whatever the configuration requirements, our metal locker offer the upmost in personal belonging security, with solid doors and a choice of locking options. 

All Link lockers are coated with Activecoat antimicrobial protection, which helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs.  This is particularly important in hygiene consious sectors like healthcare, food and drink production and education.

A quality and stylish range of lockers with prices to suit all budgets. Looking to buy a small quantity of staff lockers? Or a larger quantity of school lockers? You’re sure to find a locker from Link to suit your requirements.

Pick out lockers in our Link Locker collection such as the Mobile Phone Lockers 8 compartments high x 900mm.  Offering secure storage of mobile phones and comes with or without battery charging facilities. Available in many colours, including red, blue, green and yellow.  We also sell the Link Primary/Junior School Low Locker which at 1382mm and is the perfect height for younger children to access individual storage compartments.

Browse our full range of Link Lockers and buy online today or call our sales team on 01924 240291 for a free no obligation quotation.

Link 51 Trade cupbaords

The Vision cupboard in the Link 51 Trade range offer the best of both worlds - the durability and security of a steel workplace storage solution, along with transparent viewing panels which allow your to quickly scan the contents insdie without evern opening the unit.  Choose from several sizes and colours, along with different shelf configurations which you can tailor to your requirements.

The hazardous substance cabinets in the range help industrial organisations to deal with the risks which are presente in the workspace which use potentially dangerous materials.  These are untis which are designed specifically to house chemical and flammable products.

You can't put a price on security, and with Link 51 security cabinets you can ensure that both vulnerable and valuable equipment and materials have the protection which they deserve.  These are cabinets which come with hasp and staple fitting that provides and extra security layer, on top of the three-point locking included as standard.

Link metal cabinets are units available in slimline, standard and large sizes, featuring ActiveCoat protection.  They are suitable for placing in a variety of commercial and industrial settings, and can be chosen with a wide variety of internal layouts to suit specific requirements - whether that be minimal larger compartments, or a larger number of smaller compartments.  Then there are vertically-stiffened metal tool cabinets, which offer a dedicated space for mechanical implements in industrial settings.  Benefit from the choice of several different shelving configurations, as well as a rubber mat which is fitted on top for added protection and convenince.


Link 51 Trade workstations are designed to provide a multi-functional unit which can complement industrial and commercial facilities perfectly, offering a practical strategic hub that can be used as an organisation centre.  Computer workstations which are part of the Link range provide a protected, designated space for Pcs and other electronic items, making them ideal for busy warehouses, plants and workshops.  For organisations seeking to use computer technology and data analysis to improve their operational efficiency, these computer workstations represent a savvy solution.

Link 51 offers the opportunity to fully customise workstations - that goes for the size, style and funcion.  If you have a customer with very specific requirements, we can provide units which are entirely tailored to their needs and the advantage of an expert consultation, carried out on site.

The unrivalled Link 51 Trade range is favoured by customer all over the UK.  For questions about the Link Lockers range, call us today on 01924 240291